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Sexy Scrub Dresses: 4 Styles You'll Love

Updated on October 21, 2012

Most nurses wear scrub pants these days, and that’s cool – few things are more comfortable than a pair of hospital issued scrubs. Unfortunately, most hospitals stopped carrying dresses when the feminists came along and screwed society up. Oops, sorry…. let me not digress. You may be surprised to know they still make scrub dresses. And, they still look damned sexy on the right figure. And, they’re just as comfortable as anything else you’re going to find. In fact, for petite women like myself, scrub dresses are MORE comfortable, cos you don’t have to worry about constantly hiking them up cos the stupid things were made for an Amazon.That, and you won’t get the obligatory poochie look in the tummy, where all that extra material bulks up. It's just not sexy, y'all. And speaking of sexy.. please note... the first pic is not a real uniform! So y'all can stop drooling now!

Dickies Missy Fit Dress

These are hawt, ladies. HAWT. It has a button-down front, so you can control how open the neck is. This gets the dress major points, because nothing is more annoying than a scrub dress or scrub blouse that makes you feel like someone’s strangling you. The dress also has a belt that ties in the back, so you can cinch it to your figure. Very sexy, the men in your ward will love you! The only down side is they only come in white.

Dickies Drawstring Skirt

These are very popular. They feature an elastic waistband that you can wear up or turned down. This pleated skirt has a neat little cargo pocket on the side and the skirt’s length reaches the knee. These are nice because you can pair them with a comfortable tshirt and still look like you belong at the nurse’s station, as opposed to laying in one of the beds. Again, these only come in white.

Avida Scrub Dress Style D229

This is a nice, classic scrub dress. I’m not crazy about the collar, but the rest of it looks pretty nice, so if you’re not claustrophobic, this could work for you. It falls just below the knee and zips up in back. It also has a deep wrap back, so you can cinch it in at the waist. The belt isn’t visible from the front, which may or may not appeal to you.

Avida Scrub Dress Style SDR5

That would be the dress on the left. If you prefer the one on the right, that’s style number SD229, the one I already mentioned above. The SDR5 is pretty much the same dress, but has a scalloped collar. This is a godsend for people like me who hate how close some scrub collars can be. This dress comes in striped colors, so make sure you’re clear on what color you’re ordering.

I realize most nurses don’t wear dresses or skirts, and it’s sometimes looked down upon. If you like dresses, however, there is nothing wrong with wearing one. 9 times out of 10, the nurses scowling at you are just jealous.Tell ‘em to stop pouting and go get their own!


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