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Sexy Stockings For Sale

Updated on January 18, 2010
Sexy stockings with pink bows and crossbones
Sexy stockings with pink bows and crossbones

A pair of sexy stockings can not only make your legs look absolutely fabulous, they can also help to create a wonderful atmosphere if you are planning an intimate evening for your loved one. Alternatively a pair of stockings can be a fun gifts for women for example your friends’ bridal shower.

Here are some great stockings that you can buy online from Amazon.

Leg Avenue Nylon Stockings

If you are looking for a pair of sexy stockings with a little twist, why not look into buying this pair of black hold ups. They have been designed to give you a little bit extra to look at and admire when you put them on.

These stockings are made from nylon and will reach just above the knee line. At the back of each stocking leg, there is a print of a succession of pink cross bows. They start at the top of the stockings and the pattern repeats right down to the bottom of each leg. For an added piece of drama, each stocking is finished off with a sexy satin bow that is in the same pink colour.

If you wish you can actually wear these stockings with the detailing showing at the front of your legs instead of the back, it is your decision.

These stockings would look great when worn with a pair of high heeled black mules or a pair of sexy pixie boots.

Sexy stockings can be worn with or without suspenders
Sexy stockings can be worn with or without suspenders

Jewel Toned Sheer Stockings

This is a classic style pair of nylon stockings that can be worn for the daytime or for the nighttime.  They are made from nylon but have a mixture of lycra in order to make them glide smoothly onto the skin. 

The lycra content also helps to ensure that these stockings will not bag, sag or wrinkle while you are wearing them.

You have the choice of wearing these either with a pair of sexy suspenders or you can wear them as free standing hold ups because they are able to mould to the thighs and stay in place snugly.

There are several colours that you can choose to buy including black, white, red, and lilac. 

If you are looking for a pair of sheer stockings that have the feel of pure silk but are much more affordable, this could be just the thing for you.

Sexy stockings with lace detail
Sexy stockings with lace detail

Dreamgirl Women's Sheer Thigh High Stockings With Lace and Bow

This is another example of a sexy pair of thigh high stockings.

They can be worn with suspenders, however the intricate detailing at the top of each stocking doesn’t need any more enhancements.

They are also made to be able to stay up on their own. This is due to the combination of nylon and spandex. They are 30 denier tights

These stockings are decorated with a wide band of lace edging the tops.

They are in contrasting colours with a pretty little satin bow placed on the centre on each leg.


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