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Sweater Dresses - stylish or casual

Updated on August 11, 2011

The ease and simplicity of being able to quickly slip into a comfortable sweater dress tends to make you think of it as just casual wear. Of course, many people wear sweater dresses casually around the house, but don’t let that put you off considering them for more. Some designs can also look very sexy and stylish. You can find such a large assortment of different cuts and styles, sweater dresses are so much fun to shop and search for.

Most can be worn alone as a one piece but they also go great over some slim fit jeans or leggings. Accessories rule. Belts, boots and scarves give you plenty of options for being creative and individual with a sweater dress and their versatility makes them great for all body types and wearable on all but those very formal occasions.

These are usually cowl neck or off the shoulder dresses and rather short. But the dress can be thicker and heavier itself which makes for a great contrast with bare legs or form fitting trousers, tights or leggings. I also wrote about this in my article on Mohair Sweaters. Sexy sweater dresses work best when they show a lot of skin with subtlety.

These can be seriously stunning and eye catching. Obviously, tight fitting sweater dresses work best when made from thinner fabrics. You might suspect that they’re not ideal for the more curve-endowed of us, but that’s not necessarily true. A really nice feature of the sweater dress above is the tube style skirt which makes for an ultra feminine look and feel. Pity they ruined the outfit with pointe shoes. But it does also make for a great example of a one piece sweater dress.

As you can see here, leggings or slim fit jeans make for an excellent combination with some sweater dresses. This particular dress is so short that it’s barely a dress at all and anyone who's worn one will know that these have a tendency to slip upward causing a lot more to be revealed - even when you’re just walking. One trick is to think of this kind of sweater dress as an ordinary sweater and then you’ll know what to match it with.


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      7 years ago

      For me it is the dress of choice! I have a couple of them with variations in style and cut. My wife purchased a sweater dress that falls just above the knee for me and I wear opaque stockings or tights that sets the look just right! I do wear heels almost all the time! However, I do have some flats I enjoy!While it is true in most cases men that openly wear women designed garments tend to look a bit odd however, Sweater dresses see to mellow that attitude some. They look better! I believe that the men as myself who just love to wear feminine fashion, wear them because we feel so much more ourselves and it is very liberating and calming to the soul! There are times it is erotic in nature with wearing sexy lingerie!! Isn't it that way for women as well! Does it not make you feel sexy! Yes it does! I hope it becomes more and more accepted!


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