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Women sandals for summer

Updated on August 5, 2016
Pink sandals
Pink sandals | Source

Summer women sandals

Sandals are very popular, but I wish we could wear them all year. They are so easy, comfortable and beautiful. It's easy to walk in them. They have many accessories, so they can be even more beautiful. Some of them have high heels, but some of them don't have heels at all. I just find out that even platform heels are very popular at sandals - can't believe it. Well, I like more those which don't have so high heels, because they are more comfortable. So, if they don't have high heels, I don't have to be so careful where I walk.

I also like all the accessories that are availoble at sandals. From belts, to other accessories in shape of butterflyes, ribbons and similar. Sexy women sandals for summer are really popular. That's why I'll show you some of them, which are really beautiful...


7 styles of sandals

There are five different styles of sandals.

First are the Thong sandals. These are almost without heels or they have a little heel. They're comfortable and reachable in many different colors. They are suitable for all oportunities. Specially they are good for walking on the beach in summer.

Second are the espadrille. These are also very comfortable. We can see them also on many weddings. Beautiful and some of them very elegant. Also available in many colors, but the most popular are black, brown and multiple colored.

Third are the Wedge sandals. These can also be in many colors, with or without heels and are specially popular by teens and younger ladies. Some of them are very comfortable, but some of them aren't, because of high heels.

Fourth are the Slide sandals. These don't have heels. Usually they are open toe slide sandals. Very comfortable and very popular.

Fifth are gladiator sandals. We all know what gladiators are. They had comfortable opened sandals, which are very suitable for wear them on sand as they did in past. Usually popular in black and brown color, but there are also more colors of them.

Sixth are the high heels sandals: These aren't so comfortable, but they are more elegant than all others. These are popular for brides. Suitable for all elegant opportunities, as birthday, prom, wedding, or something similar. But you can also wear them if you just go to dinner on special evening.

Seventh and the last are the platform sandals. I'm a bit of scared of these ones, because they can be very painfull. Not just to wear them, but even if something happens and if you fell in them. I surely wouldn't recommend those, even if they are the most beautiful.


Sandals accessories

Sandals have many accessories as I told before. You can find different belts on them in different colors. But, not just belts. They also have:

- cristals (Swarovski are the most popular),

- leather flowers,

- silver pendants,

- ribbons,

- feathers, and much more...

What about you....

Which sandals do you like?

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