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A Guide to Looking Sexy

Updated on September 20, 2013

It's a State of Mind

Looking sexy isn't just about low-cut tops and short skirts. It's a state of mind, a mentality that carries through no matter what you decide to wear. Having said that, us girls know that when we look good, we feel good. It's strange how that works, but whenever I don't feel well, I get dressed in something nice, do my hair, and I feel better. Wearing something that makes you feel sexy, even if it isn't revealing, gives you that confidence that lets your natural sexiness shine through.

It's all a matter of changing your attitude. There are so many little things you can do to give yourself that little boost, that little something that makes you feel beautiful and alluring, both inside and out. Remember, confidence is sexy!! Confidence is sexy in both men and women, so while these tips are aimed at women, men can learn something from this, as well. Women love a confident (not cocky) man. If you are secure in yourself, even if you aren't drop dead gorgeous, you are way more attractive to a woman than a really good looking man who has no confidence in himself. Though, a guy with way too much confidence in himself is a huge turn off as well.

Now that I have gone way off topic, let's steer things back on track a bit. My best advice, do what makes you feel good. If you don't feel good about a certain outfit or hairstyle, it will show through.

Know Thyself

In order to look and feel sexy, you have to know yourself. Do you have a favorite color that just makes your eyes pop, or your skin tone glow? Do you think you have sexy legs, or a slender neck? We all get comments on certain things we wear. Pay attention to those comments. Not only will they give you a little boost in confidence, they are great cues as to what looks good on you. You are often your harshest critic, and those around you have a bit more of an objective eye.

Play up your assets. If you have amazing eyes, sweep your hair away from your face, to bring them out. If you have sexy, long legs, throw on some heels and a flirty skirt to draw attention to them. Little things that accentuate your best features can really boost your mood, make you look sexy, and project a confident, sexy image without being trashy. Looking sexy is not about looking like a tramp.

Call in Reinforcements

 Who knows you better than your friends?  They will be honest with you, sometimes even when you don't want them to.  They are invaluable for this very reason.

Take them with you shopping.  Try on clothes together.  They will be honest with you when others will lie to make you feel better.  Your friends will be the ones to tell you when that skirt makes you look a little pudgy, or that top is the wrong color for your skin tone, and makes you look washed out. 

Be careful, though.  Be careful who you bring with you.  Make sure they are really good friends, who really do care about you.  We have all had those friends who smile and tell you how great you are to your face, but the second you turn around, they are there, knife in hand, ready to stab you in the back.  Those are not the friends you want to bring with you.  Trust me!  They would be all to happy to tell you that you look great in that lime green mini skirt and bright pink tube top (I know, who would wear something like that, but you get the idea), then giggle behind your back, the second you walk out of the store with your new clothes in hand.

Confidence is Sexy

 Whatever you do, just remember, confidence is sexy.  If you are confident in how you look, you will come across as sexier than if you feel uncomfortable.  Comfort is key!  Having to constantly adjust yourself, fiddling with this, that and the other is not sexy.  It just makes you look awkward and uncomfortable. 

It's mostly mental, but there are things you can do to play up your best features.  Not only will you look better, you will feel better about the way you look.  It's a circle.  I do it when I am in a down mood.  I do my hair, my make-up, throw on something cute, even if I am just sitting at home, and it cheers me up.  Knowing I look good, makes me feel better.  It's like when they tell you, even if you aren't happy, smile like you are, and eventually your mood will improve.  Even if you don't always feel sexy, if you do something to make yourself look better, you feel better about how you look, and then you start to feel sexier.


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    • Shady Lady profile image

      Shady Lady 6 years ago from here and there

      howcure, thank you so very much!! ;)

    • howcurecancer profile image

      Elena@LessIsHealthy 6 years ago

      5 stars!

    • Shady Lady profile image

      Shady Lady 7 years ago from here and there

      Christoph, my dear! It has been far too long, hasn't it? Sadly, I rarely have the time to spend on the computer that I used to, and I do not think it will change for a little while, at least. I do hope you can forgive me!

    • Christoph Reilly profile image

      Christoph Reilly 7 years ago from St. Louis

      Hi Shady, How sweet of you to share your gift for looking sexy with others! I take your advice every day! Funny, but I came looking for you just a couple of weeks ago and it seemed you had been gone a long time. I thought you had left. Naturally, I wept like a baby who just had his favorite pacifier taken away, but I got over it and attempted to go on with my life. And now you have returned! To torture me with your perfection!

      Seriously, it's great to see you! Dont' be such a stranger!