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Shag Haircut For Long, Medium and Short Hair

Updated on June 29, 2013

What is a Shag haircut?

Created by Paul McGregor, the Shag cut is a hairstyle with a lot of different layers to it that make the hair look fuller around the crown. Mostly, layering happens at the top and sides and hence hair thins to fringes around the edges.

What does a Shag haircut look like?

Not just for short hair...

Most people think that a Shag cut can look good only if you have short hair, but that is just not true. Surely, celebrities like Jane Fonda and Meg Ryan have popularized their edgy Shags with short and medium hair, but this style can also be applied to long hair.

How to get the Shag cut?

The Shag Haircut was popular in the 1970s because it is a relaxed and layered haircut. It is a relevant hairstyle for today’s professional women because it requires low maintenance, styling is easy and just by running a comb through hair can result into a sexy and trend setting hairstyle that appeals to women of all ages and lifestyles.

Learn how to get a Shag haircut for long, medium and short hair by watching this cosmetology education video featuring Sally Brooks from Brooks&Brooks Salon, London.

As you can see in the video, Sally makes use of hairstyling scissors and she uses T system to form different layers and to create clean sections that are easier to control.

The Shag haircut may look messy but it isn't as Sally shows how a lot of skill and organization goes into making it seem that way.


The traditional Shags often give a feeling of messy hair. But if you’re short on time and want an easy-maintenance hairstyle, the modern Shag haircut is a hot trend worth giving a try. It not only looks "bedheadish” but it can be applied to short, medium and long hair with ease.

Have you ever tried the Shag Haircut?

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