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Shampoo for Hair Fall| facts in the claim & control tips

Updated on December 21, 2012

Hair fall and reasons

Hair fall is a severe disturbance for those with minimum fashion or appearance conscious. It is a turmoil for some which goes for moths or years.

The reasons for Hair fall are different to some extent for men and women.

In women hair fall is due to Major reasons like

1.Regular grooming of hair with incompatible or highly chemical based cosmetics, shampoos, dyes etc.

2. Uncleanliness of scalp and head.

3. Dandruff or infections on scalp.

and minor reasons like

4. Genetic factors

5. Deficient or improper body nutrition (hair nutrition).

In rare cases hormonal imbalance etc


In men the Major reasons are quite similar with few changes.

1. Male hormone influence like testosterone.

2. Dandruff, unclean scalp.

3.Genetic factors.

4. Use of incompatible or highly chemical based cosmetics, shampoos, dyes etc.

and minor reasons includes.

5. Deficient or improper body nutrition.

Most men around thirties start developing bald head and the extent of baldness depends on the speed of non-replaced hair fall over time.

Further the region of hair fall or baldness is determined genetically.

In women hair fall is not a worry yet those conscious of long hair or big bunch of hair with fashion or appearance conscious are anguish about it.

On the whole women are less prone to hair fall than men but are prone to anxiety and anguish in equivalent numbers.

The reason for hair fall in women fall towards uncleanliness and excess use of chemicals on them. While in men it is genetic factor and testosterone dependent.

Shampoo for hair fall

Many companies have flooded the market with claims of shampoo for hair fall. So a shampoo for hair fall either in men or women has to rectify above reasons to control hair fall.

This makes a sense that none of the claims holds completely true. Because most shampoo have

1. Surfactant or soap: To produce foam and remove any protein, oil or dust debris from scalp.

2. Glossy elements to make the hair shiny.

3. Some of them may have anti-fungal or anti-microbial to combat dandruff.

So in women the shampoos with above ingredient help combat hair fall efficiently as they tend to solve 3 out of 3 major reasons mentioned above.

In men these shampoo claims can be useless as they solve only 2 of 4 major reasons for hair fall as mentioned above.

So most claims as shampoo for hair fall stand good for women than men.

Yet other consideration one has to observe to control hair fall due to shampoos itself are.

a) Use mild shampoo and that too on twice or thrice a week basis.

b) Dilute the shampoo in a mug and not use concentrated one directly on to the scalp.

c) Shampoo from herbal company ones are far better than chemical based ones as far as my experience concerned.

Hence you see that chemical based shampoo have got wide use only due to regular advertisements while herbal based shampoos have got popularity by experience and not less advertisements.

This difference is because herbal shampoo are mild, better compatible than chemical based ones.


Hair fall Control tips

For women

a) Decrease the frequency of cosmetics, dyes and other chemical applications on the hair.

b) Once you return immediately wash off the colour and cosmetics thoroughly and do not go to bed as it is.

c) Use shampoo less frequently and that too mild yet of good quality.

d) Prefer herbal based ones than chemical based ones.

e) If you long hair, frequent grooming is required and try to not expose the hair to dust during travel etc.

f) Control dandruff

Hair fall Control tips:

a) First of all do not worry too much about it or any other thing.

b) Keep hair clean and protect from dust during journey.

c) Control dandruff and have head bath regularly sometimes even without a soap or shampoo.

d) Do not brood your thoughts frequently on romance or........related topics. :-). This seems quite funny but is a realistic advice to prevent excess and unnecessary testosterone release.


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