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Shape Up Tone Up Reality or Gimmick Test

Updated on April 15, 2011

This Test in Not For You

Relax this reality test isn’t for you, so don’t get all worried. It’s about how well shape ups or tone up sneakers/shoes work on other people, in certain areas. Ladies this one’s for you, it’ll make you smile.
Ok, first things first. If you haven’t read the article about how I came to LOVE these sneakers/shoes in more ways than one, please go to shape up reality so anyone who has read it, doesn’t get bored in the beginning.

Shape Ups and Tone Ups Lawsuits

Shape ups (my favorite) sneakers and their knock offs like tone ups, etc., are literally the only sneaker you will probably catch me in. I know all about the lawsuits on how people say they basically lied because they didn’t get into shape without going to the gym, but seriously they did realize they weren’t going to work while pigging out on the couch. I mean come on, did they really expect to just put them on and poof I’m in shape. If that were the case just make a pair of ruby red slippers (just kidding) Now they are claiming to have literally broken a ladies hip by walking in them. Listen I was a nurse for awhile and have had so many broken bones it's not funny (none of which came from walking in sneakers) so getting me to believe that just walking in a sneaker can break your hip is kind of like saying I didn't know the coffee was hot. Sorry I had to go there. Enough about that already, plus if you want to know how I really feel (like that wasn’t apparent already) just click on lawsuits gimmick or reality.

Now to the Test

A couple of good friends of mine who I used to work with (never had so much fun) and myself got together a few weeks ago to play catch up or whatever you want to call it, (an excuse to have fun).
We normally end up in Orlando at Disney, Universal, City Walk, where we walk around have fun on the rides, get something to eat, and sometimes take in a movie. We often bust each others chops about everything from the men they’re seeing (notice I said they), shoes, work, anything and everything else, it’s always in fun.

Well it was my turn to have them busted about my sneakers and how they work. Look I am overweight out of shape and cardio is what? :) Even though they own a pair or two of Shape Ups or Tone Ups themselves, both should have been models and I wasn't going there. You know the type younger (ok a lot younger) beautiful hair, shape, I could go on but my jealousy temperature is rising. I love them both like they were my own kids (and sometimes accused of being mom, a compliment for me), yet we still hang out as if we were and always will be, the best of friends

Back to the test. So I so boldly stated just because I don’t take the time to walk in them doesn’t mean they don’t work for everybody else, and I’ll prove it. So  Marie (not her real name for these purposes) pops off with well, go ahead prove it, OK at this point I’ve already stuck my foot in my mouth now I just have to figure a way to get it out. So my quick thinking decides ok I’ll check out the guys after they walk by (I know the girls and I like 2 areas more than most/ arms and back ends get your head out of the gutter) and see if the shoes match up. Now one would think that having done this once before I would have learned my lesson (have to read the other story), but no not me, I had to make a point.

So as were walking past all these people I’m looking at the ground at their shoes. Then I spotted one, I wasn’t sure if they were shape ups, but I knew if they weren’t they were the same concept just another brand. So as he passes, I elbow my friend on the right Chrissy (again not her real name for these purposes) and say check it out and turn my head. I’m like nice right, of course they both flipped their heads to look responding with an “oh yeah,” or “definitely”. Then I tried it again, and it worked.

So Chrissy says, “How did you do that?” Understand that the conversation has changed subjects probably 10 or 20 times at this point It's the shoes I told them, it's the shape ups. So Marie basically told me, no way that I was full of crap (in so many words).

We grabbed an appetizer and then were on our way again. So I figure one more time can’t hurt right? So I nudge Marie and go check it out. She turns and sure enough I was right, but then in a voice that could’ve woken the dead she goes “He got that nice bum from those sneakers?” It probably wouldn’t have been so hard to ignore us, if not for the fact that somehow we ended up where there was hardly anyone else around us. So as they, (three of them probably mid thirties) whiz around to look at who was making the comment I’m once again speechless, (a rare and wondrous occasion for most ) Chrissy pops out “Nice sneakers Shape Ups right?” Relieved at the save, one of guys replies, "Yeah how did you know?" "Just a guess," Chrissy replies and we began laughing hysterically Well the guys started laughing also as they all turned their heads around to check out the girls I’m sure, and continued to walk away.

So I Made My Point

So I made my point and I’m not sure but I can almost guarantee that Marie will be buying her new “friend” a pair of Shape Ups, at the first opportunity. As once before shape ups, and tone ups, have passed the test.

In the long run ladies, if you want your “significant other” to fill out those jeans in the back a little more and have that extra something to grab hold of every now and then, put Skecker Shape Ups on your list of things to do. Besides the fact with all the new styles available they look great on, you will be glad you did in more ways than one

Once again I want to say thanks to Skechers for making my day.

For Ladies Who Want A Little Shape Up Themselves

Sometimes we women want or need (like me) a little shape up in certain areas too. So whether you just want to give certain area a little boost or not so much jiggle when you wiggle, check out Shapes Ups  Whether you use them for work or play you will be amazed at the comfort and results. You can actually choose the sneaker according to your level of fitness. Check out the Accelerater  (definitely not me yet:):)

They even have the insoles (for men and women) so if your required to wear certain work shoes and can't find them in Shape Ups or Tone Ups, you can just insert them and still get results. Let me know if you try them and how they work

If it's boots you want just take a look. Style and fitness whether it's boots, sandals, sneakers, all in one shoe (who would have thought it was possible).

Have an incredible day!


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    • Charlu profile image

      Charlu 6 years ago from Florida

      Thanks Peggy for reading and the votes. The girls and I make it a point that no matter what's going on in our lives that the time together is about having fun. They're probably the only ones that leave me speechless and they love it Thanks again

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 6 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Loved this! Sounds like you and your friends have a lot of fun together. Guess I need to go out and get a pair of Sketchers...or at least scout them out and evaluate the results like you had fun doing. Rated up and funny!