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Shaun White Snowboarding Pants for Sale

Updated on September 2, 2010

Shaun White Snowboarding

One of the most popular snowboarders, Shaun White has created his own line of clothing with the Burton brand of snowboard gear. White has various patterns and styles of snowboarding apparel that is loved among most snowboarders.

My boyfriend recently bought a pair of Shaun White pants, a jacket, and boots, and he's in love with the brand. His feet never budged in the boots, his jacket kept him warm, and the pants didn't let any snow or moisture in. These are features that you want in your snowboard apparel.

Whether you purchase matching pants and jacket or you create your own style, there are tons of options to choose from. Shaun White didn't skimp on the designs. You will find that there are solid color Shaun White pants (white, black, charcoal gray, light gray, medium gray, khaki), as well as patterns (plaids, stripes, newsprint, gray camo).

Mix and match your outfits, as you'll find that snowboarding outfits are nothing but plain and simple. Go extreme with you snowboard pants and jacket. Stand out while you get monster air. Below, you'll find tips on choosing snowboard pants as well as many options for mens, womens, and youth Shaun White snowboard pants.

Choosing Snowboard Pants

There are different types of snowboard pants to choose from. Make sure that you know what you're looking for so that you get the best deal.

Check for the:

Base layer is the first layer of the pants that has direct contact with your legs. This layer wicks away moisture from your skin, and is commonly worn with other layers or by itself if it's a little warmer.

Insulation layer is the second layer. This layer is an insulation layer that provides warmth to the lower body by trapping in body heat.

Outer shell is the third and outermost layer. This layer is in direct contact with the environment and should be breathable, waterproof, and windproof in order to get the most protection. The other layer is commonly worn on rainy and windy days.

When choosing snowboarding pants, you want to choose a pant type that will not only be comfortable but will provide protection against moisture and scratches, as well as to provide warmth.

You want to check out the kneecaps, as pants with kneecaps or extra padding on the knee area, provides more protection for the knees when you fall.

You want a pair of pants that are loose fitting that allow for plenty of movement for tricks. You don't want to wear pants that will pinch the crotch area when you bend, but at the same time, you don't want your pants to be too loose. Find a pair of pants that fit just right; they won't fit like your jeans or slacks, so don't look for a size that will provide for too much looseness, as you don't want moisture to be able to sneak in.

Other things to consider when choosing snowboard pants include:

  • Material that the pants are made from. Mesh is great to release heat, but it's not good for keeping private parts private; a solid material is good for privacy, but is less effective at releasing heat. Some pants of wicking materials that will help wick away moisture.
  • Leg length. If you plan on wearing padded shorts underneath your snowboard pants, you want  to make sure that you check the leg length of the pants, as you want to make sure you pay attention to how long the thigh portion extends down your leg.
  • Padded crotch. You may may want to consider a pair of pants that has a padded crotch, especially if you don't want to wear padded shorts underneath.
  • Protection and padding. Consider the overall protection that the pants provide, especially in regards to the thickness of any padding or what the coverage of the padding is.

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