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Shaun White Snowboarding Goggles for Sale

Updated on September 2, 2010

Shaun White Snowboarder

One of the more popular snowboarders is Shaun White. He's won many gold medals at the halfpipe and other events that total about 15 medals to date (August 2010).

Shaun White has his own line with Burton, which includes various snowboard gear, such as pants, jackets, gloves, and boots. He also has a line of shirts with the Target Corporation, and his line of sunglasses with Oakley.

Well, his snowboard goggle line is also with Oakley. These goggles are great. They have the durability and fashion that Oakley promises in all of their sunglasses, but these are protective goggles for the slopes.

You can find the Shaun White snowboard goggles with various features, lens colors, frame styles and colors, and different options.

Below, you'll find tips for choosing the perfect pair of snowboard goggles, as well as various selection of Shaun White Oakley goggles.

Choosing Snowboard Goggles

When choosing the right snowboard goggles, you want to consider the following tips and recommendations, as not every pair or goggles or brand of snowboard goggles will fit the same.

You want to choose a pair of goggles that are made with a shatterproof lens, hard plastic frame, and elastic bands to go around your head for the best security. You want a good pair of snowboard goggles that will protect your eyes from the sun's rays, as well as any flying objects, like twigs or ice particles that may fly in down and around the slopes.

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Lens Color

  • Clear: These have no color tint and are best for dark conditions, such as cloudy days, at sunset, or at night
  • Black/Polarized: These reduce glare the best and are ideal for bright and sunny days and conditions.
  • Green/Silver: These enhance contrast and are best worn in brighter conditions.
  • Yellow/Amber/Gold Lenses: These bring out shadows and filter blue light, and are ideal for low to moderate lighting.
  • Purples/rose: These bring out shadows and contours, and are ideal when worn in low-light.
  • Interchangeable lenses: Although, pricier, you can purchase different color lenses in order to change them out depending on the weather and conditions you'll be snowboarding in.

Type of Goggles

  • Anti-Fog: These goggles have multiple layers in the lenses that help reduce the chances of fogging up, which help you see where you're going. Some have been treated with chemicals, whereas others may have vents at the top and bottom.
  • UV Protection: You want goggles with at least 95% protection against sun rays.
  • Peripheral Vision: These will give 180 degrees of vision so that you can see things and people approaching you from the sides.

Size and Fit

  • You want the goggles to fit tightly around your head, but that aren't too tight.
  • You want the goggles to fit around your glasses, if you wear seeing eye glasses. You may have to get a wider lens or fit goggle in order to fit them over your glasses.
  • Make sure that the goggles will fit over your helmet, as well.


  • Snowboarding goggles come in a variety of styles and brands, so that you can find one that is in your budget. Try not to skimp too much, as it is vital that you have a good fitting pair of snowboard goggles that have at bare minimum UV protection.

Shaun White Oakley Commercial


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