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Shaun White Sunglasses for Sale

Updated on September 2, 2010

Shaun White Snowboarder

Shaun White is a popular snowboard, who is also a pretty good skateboarder, as well. He is famous for his outlandish tricks and jumps where he gains huge air and lands properly without falling.

He has worked with Burton when creating his line of snowboarding clothes and apparel, which includes snowboard pants, jackets, boots, gloves, and more. He has worked with Oakley when producing his line of sunglasses, and even helps promote an Oakley line of snowboard goggles.

These sunglasses are durable and lightweight so that you don't have to feel like you're performing a chore when you're wearing them. These are made of a stress-resistant frame and high definition optic lenses that will protect your eyes from UV rays, as well as harmful blue light up to 400 nm.

There are a few different designs or lenses, but for the most part, the Oakley Jupiter and the Montefrio sunglasses in the Shaun White can be seen below.

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Choosing Sunglasses

When choosing a pair of sunglasses, it's not always ideal to jump for the most expensive brand or style, but in some cases, you'll find that the brand may offer a better deal, like 100% polarized lenses and a replacement guarantee. If you're going to find a name brand pair of sunglasses, make sure to compare any warranties and guarantees that they may offer.

Otherwise, make sure to consider the following tips when choosing sunglasses.

  • Make sure that the sunglasses fit correctly and comfortably from temple to temple without any pulling. If you experience pulling, the sunglasses are too narrow, but if they're too loose, they are too wide. You don't want any pinching over the bridge of your nose, and the sunglasses shouldn't rest on the checks or touch your eyelashes.
  • Consider the different types of frames, which include full frames, half-frames, completely rimless, or semi- or full-wraparoun style frame.
  • Consider the material of the frames and lenses. You want something durable. Polycarbonate lenses are shatter-resistant lenses; glass lenses are heavy but have the least distortion; plastic lenses are lightweight, but scratch easily.
  • You may want to consider lenses that are coated with an anti-reflective, scratch resistant, mirrored coated, and/or polarized.
  • Consider the color of the lenses. Black or gray lenses are the most popular and offer minimal color distortion; brown and green have low color distortion and greater contrast; amber have the highest level of contrast and are great for activities outside; clear lenses block UV well but not the light; pink, red, and blue lenses have good contrast but the most color distortion than the other colors.
  • Always consider the price. If you find a really good pair of sunglasses that look how you want them and have all the features that you want, you don't have to be ashamed that you only spend $20 on them. You don't have to buy overly expensive sunglasses to get the sunglasses that you want. The more popular brands like Oakley sunglasses are actually one of the better sunglasses to purchase, but even still a $300-$500 pair of sunglasses just may not be in your budget right now, so look around at all the options, even if you're checking Walmart and CVS.

Shaun White Oakley Commercial


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