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Shaun White Shirts for Boys for Sale

Updated on March 20, 2011

Shaun White Snowboarding

Shaun White is a popular snowboarder, but he's also a pretty decent skateboarder too, so no matter which you prefer he has a presence, and no matter what board he takes on, White is popular for his outlandish tricks and stunts.

Let's just say, he's pretty good.

On top of his skills on the skateboard and snowboard, Shaun White also works with Burton to produce his own line of snowboarding gear, which includes pants, jackets, gloves, goggles, boots, and more. He also produces t-shirts and apparel for boys, which you'll find closely resemble his own style.

The shirts, polos, and plaid button-up shirts are all stylish and come in loads of different styles and designs. Most of them come in all sizes from S to X-Large, so there are options for boys of all sizes.

Below, you'll find some of the more popular Shaun White shirts available on the market. Some are even a part of a line specifically for Target, but can be found online via Amazon.

You'll find that these prices are some of the lowest, and you won't find deals like these at the store. Combine your shipping and start an entire line in the closet at home.

Choosing Shirts for Boys

When choosing new shirts for boys, there are so many things to keep in mind.

  1. Price- You don't want to spend a fortune for a shirt that will quickly be grown out of.
  2. Material- You want a material that won't stretch or shrink too much, and a material that won't fade drastically.
  3. Types of Decals- If there are any decals on the shirt, you want them to be of good quality that won't start to peel off after a few washings.
  4. Machine Washable- You want a shirt that is machine washable. Boys go through shirts quickly, so you don't want to have to spend loads of time hand washing shirts in the sink. You have things to do too.
  5. Overall Quality- You want a shirt that will stand up in the wash, as well as during play. Some shirts are going to be cheap and flimsy, and these won't last long. You don't necessarily want a thick shirt, but you want something that will be a little durable.

It's also good to consider whether or not the child will be able to wear the shirts to school. Some schools have strict policies in regards to what can be worn on a shirt. Check for profanity and images that are deemed illegal to wear at school before buying a shirt for a child. Also, consider the overall dress code at the school- does the child need to have a collar on the shirt or are plain t-shirts ok?

When looking at these basic tips for buying shirts for boys, you can see that there are many options in the Shaun White apparel line that qualify as a good shirt. These shirts are affordable, mostly cotton, have screen print decals, are machine washable, and have an overal durable quality to them that will be lasting. You'll also find that there are polo and button-up shirts with collars that can be worn to school.

The more popular of the Shaun White collection are not just the basic tees, but the plaid shirts, as White is popular for wearing plaid shirts. Kids want to be like their idols, and when their idols are people worth looking up to, let them dress like them.


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