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Sheer Panties

Updated on August 24, 2015

Sheer panties are definitely influenced by the lingerie fashions that are popular today. People are getting a little more used to showing off certain parts of the anatomy, and there are certain styles of panties that make this much easier to accomplish. The string bikini panty as well as the g-string allows quite a lot of the gluteus maximus area to be exposed. However, there are people who for reasons of their own will not purchase these panties, yet they want a type of underwear that will allow them to seem quite daring in front of a partner or significant other when those intimate moments pop up unexpectedly.

Enter sheer panties, which can generally supply these people with everything they are looking for. Sheer panties are considered rather retro in today’s world. Unbelievably, sheer panties were de rigueur among certain groups as far back as the 1940s and 1950s, but this style never quite reached the bedrooms and dressing rooms of the general population. Sheer panties were considered to be just a little too risqué during that era.

Nowadays, when fashion dictates that most anything goes, including crotchless panties, sheer panties have had a revival of sorts. For women who are the conservative type, a see through panty seems almost tame compared to some of the lingerie choices of today.

Sheer panties may have changed a bit in style and design, but the retro styles from the 1940s and 1950s can still be found, if you know where to look. These panties had a high waist like the cotton or nylon briefs of today, and rested a little low on the upper leg, sort of like what are known as boy cut panties today.

Other styles of sheer panties that were popular back in the day were called tap pants, bloomers, and lacy bottoms. Today’s tap pants would remind you of the short shorts so popular nowadays, whereas the tap pants of years ago may have been considered sheer panties, but came down the leg almost all the way to the knee! They also fit loosely around the legs, probably more so than other types of sheer panties. Bloomers featured an elasticized waist, and a gently fitted leg opening. The rest of this sheer garment does not touch the body anywhere. The fit is quite loose, and was very comfortable for sleeping. Retro bloomers will generally have a bit of lace around the leg openings.

The lacy bottoms were sheer panties from the 40s and 50s that were fashioned somewhat like today’s briefs. These sheer temptations had a high waist and a leg that comes down just a little on the top of the thigh. They get their name from the ruffles that are placed upon the back of the panties. These ruffles span the entire garment, running from back to front.

These retro or vintage sheer panties may have you thinking about the style of panties your great grandmother might have worn, commonly known as “granny panties.”  Today, this phrase should not automatically make you assume that the discussion is about your grandmother’s panties! Women are becoming grandmothers at younger ages, some in their mid to late 40s. These perceptive women still wear most of the latest fashions, and panties are definitely included. You will not see any baggy, droopy panties on the grandmother of today, and who knows? You might not see them on great-grandmother, either!

Sheer panties are perfect when you are all dressed up to go to a wedding or another formal type event like a dinner. Usually, the clothes that you wear to an occasion such as this are made from some type of thin material. If you were to wear a pair of cotton panties, you run the chance of having your dress ride up, as thin material is prone to do at times.


Sheer panties are made of a similar thin material as most formal wear, and will not allow such a problem to take place. Sheer panties also look better under your clothing. You do not have to worry about others seeing your panty line through your fancy dress, for sheer panties fit like a second skin.

Sheer panties will, however, show what colour they are when they are paired with another colour. If your dress for a planned function is white, please wear either white or flesh-toned sheer panties underneath it. If you were to wear red or black sheer panties, everyone will know it, for that colour will shine like a beacon through your white dress!


You can purchase your sheer panties from either a brick and mortar shop, or an online underwear shop. Keep in mind that all styles of sheer panties do not suit all people, for the fit is a little different due to the slick, satiny feeling of the sheer fabric. If you are buying from a local shop, do try them on first if it is allowed. If you are planning to choose your sheer panties online, check the size chart on the web site carefully against you measurements so that you can be certain to buy the correct size.

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      Your woman's lingerie hubs are very well done. Being new to the hub and webmaster industry. I would absolutely say your lingerie fashion hubs sure stand out. Than You


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