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Shift dresses

Updated on August 16, 2012

For women who work in a corporate world where men are most likely to rule, it is sometimes hard to look for a day-to-day dress that will both give you that respectful look, at the same time, beautiful. Thanks to the French who has been very fashionably innovative to modify a simple “undershirt” or chemise to a work wear which is now known as shift dresses.

Shift dresses have made its popularity since 1960’s when female style icons have started wearing this in different cuts and designs during their press conferences, charity balls and have also been seen in their movies. Because fashion is a rollercoaster ride, the “work-wardrobe” has been replaced with different styles and trends. However, in the year 1990’s with the uprising of women empowerment and more women have indulged in corporate and business world, shift dresses have made its comeback and have stayed in the fashion tabloid even today.

The First Lady of USA, Michelle Obama, the former President of the Philippines, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts and other famous women have worn this style and it looks elegant when they matched it pearls, gloves and a pillbox hat.

Styles and designs

The shift dress looks really simple when in display. On the other hand, it is one of the most expensive types of clothing for women. The classic shift dress is knee-length, sleeveless with a high collar. In the course of time, many have tried and pair it with a blazer during cold season with a matching pair of stockings. It can be worn with a high-heeled closed shoes or high-heeled boots especially during European winter.

Shift dresses are now accessible and are not exclusive to female icons. The dress can be worn in different hemlines to match your body figure and enhance your personality. Colors come in various ways. It is recommended that you choose a color that your complexion too. Designs may vary from a black paneled lace sleeveless shift dress with a V-neckline and nude lining. A fluted sleeves shift dress with a stylish knot front belt looks radiantly cool especially for women with lengthy arms and legs

Shift dress for everyone

Anyone can now wear great and fabulous shift dresses especially with the availability of the dress online. Any lady who wants to look chic and professional can now choose from different designs, cuts, prints and colors online. What is more appealing is that a shift dress is definitely flattering to any body type. Whether or not you have a slim body, the style itself accentuates your height and narrows down every curves and shapes from your chest to your waist. With the right choice of material, a shift dress gives you all-day comfort and ease.

So, if you are looking to change your entire wardrobe this year, aside from cocktail dresses, casual wears and other pair of clothing, do not forget to invest a pair or more of shift dresses. If you have not been fortunate to be hired on that last job interview, this time, you may be able to get the job or the promotion you have been aiming for. Remember, your wardrobe reflects your entire persona too.


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