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Shocking Socks, Happy Feet for The Downtrodden, Great Gift Idea

Updated on November 18, 2016
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Like muffin tops, the crazy, glary, iridescent, shocking and outrageous socks are the new trend for men who want to display a flash of the outrageous in the otherwise boring drab gray suit. The High-Tech IT tribe have taken to shock socks like penguins leaping onto ice-flows starting a new secret fashion trend that only shows in furtive glimpses.

Secretly wearing flashy, outrageous socks has become a trademark of a secret tribe. The occasional flashes of these shocking socks is like a secret handshake at arm's length, hidden tattoos or the tiny stud in the nose, lip or ear lobe. It is a recognition of belonging to a group, like the nod you get when someone acknowledges you for your clothes or kindness in the street.

But the acknowledgement is furtive because the socks are hidden away. At meetings, climbing stairs and on public transport people look down and see flashes or glimpses of these shocking socks which have become a universal sign of belonging to a group.

Socks are soooo Nice!
Socks are soooo Nice! | Source

The response is to lift a trouser leg and show your own flashy socks secretly. There is a cheeky smile, a nod and a recognition of belonging to the shock socks tribe. What's this all about? Where's it heading? Why Socks?

Fancy socks date back to the 1700s, during an era when people wore outlandish colors and outfits. They were also popular during the 1960s, when colorful stockings were popular with women wearing shorter skirts which showed more leg. But while outlandish socks were always available on the shelves in clothing stores somewhere were only really popular at parties. Bright colors for golf socks have always been popular.

Recently, socks with brilliant colour and abstract designs have been spotted on many entrepreneurs including. Dick Costolo, Twitter's chief executive, who was spotted wearing colourful stripes; Om Malik, the founder of GigaOmniMedia, was seen with polka dots on his socks.

Sock sellers have reported that sales of wild and outrageous socks were up. Selling particularly well are colors such as pink and purple, geometric patterns, orange and black socks, socks with ninja patterns and socks with words and messages such as like 'bacon' and 'beer'.

Socks can be a sort of rebellion and provide a sense of bravado and anarchy against norm and conservatism. The most popular styles cost from $US12 to $US40 a pair and are made from a range of fibres such as combed cotton and wool blends by companies such as Anonymousism, Happy Socks, Sockwizard, Paul Smith and Corgi.

What is the next fashion trend? Will Socks Start Coming Out? Justin Bieber's been recently been photographed wearing patterned socks pulled over the bottom of his pants. Is this the future for hot socks?

This new fashion makes one think about socks which are probably the most misunderstood items of apparel. Similarly there are a lot of funny expressions about socks. A collection of them are provided below:

Quotes about Socks

  • Who buys new socks for British men? It's mostly their mothers!
  • The expression for 'Lift your Game' is 'Pull your Socks Up'.
  • Soccer players are often told to work their socks off.
  • Great bands are recognised for knocking everyone's socks off. (weird expression)
  • If it weren't for women, men would still be wearing last week's socks.
  • Never run in the rain with you're socks on
  • Why are socks so lonely cos the dyer eats their partners
  • Life was like a sock drawer; you never know what you’re going to get
  • Sock it to Me

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