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Shoe Makers: Cobbling or Cordwaining

Updated on March 4, 2016

How to Find Shoes that Fit Correctly

For that matter, finding shoes that not only fit correctly, but allow your foot to breathe. By breathing, the term is used to describe the fabric that does not retain the higher temperature and humidity in the area surrounding your foot.

The air is allowed to escape from the inside of your shoe to the outside. In letting this said air escape, the alleged breathing shoe should be cooler and more comfortable.

I Have Tried Many Brands

I have resorted to wearing work boots designed for working in a rock quarry. These boots are designed for a lot of walking on uneven surfaces. My favorite boot has been the Georgia Boot with Diamond Trax insoles.

I currently wear a Rocky brand of boot, which - even though I purchased them in October, have severe issues with the lining having a large hole worn through to the actual boot, so I am not going to purchase another pair from them. My Georgia Boot, under the same conditions that my current boots were under, made it the full year before they, too, wore a hole though to the back of the boot.

I am Almost Desperate

I think about footpads and I think that, since I have a high arch and a wide width foot, I do purchase footpads that are for a sports inclined foot. I do find the inserts to be comfortable for a few days. I rationalize that the foot sweats and the foot pad must not dry properly and then... foot odor. Mildew. Fungus.

Yeah. Too much information. TMI they call that.


Do I Have to Make My Own Shoe

Do I have to resort to making my own shoes?

Gosh. It would compare to upholstering something. My foot is shaped like a foot, obviously, but its shape is like three blocks. Two on the bottom and one on the top.

If I made a model of paper that looked like three blocks and then, cut it and then, flattened it out on the table, it should produce a pattern to start with.

I muse that at this point, I could go to the Thrift Store and find a pair of shoes that are already made and steal the sole off of them. Not Literally, steal, but use. Purchase first and then, dissect.

Well. I don't have access to any foam molding injection machinery... although, I have toyed with the thought of making flip flops with a sawdust clay insole. You know. Make a shoe shaped shape with a glob of sawdust clay on it. Then, step on it and make your foot impression in the clay. Then. Let it dry and put straps on it and wear.

But. I don't like flip flops, so my ingenuity is topped by my own personal flaw. Oh, well. Such is life.


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    • lawrence01 profile image

      Lawrence Hebb 

      2 years ago from Hamilton, New Zealand


      A good quality shoe or boot is hard to come by, and when you do find them they usually cost a fortune!

      The best boot I've come across in a long time are called 'Bluntstones' and you guessed it, they're made for the tiughest workplace you can imagine and have steel toecaps (hidden by the leather) only problem is a good pair will set you back about $300+

      Enjoyed the hub



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