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An Essential Guide To Online Shoe Shopping

Updated on September 9, 2014

Shoe Shopping Online

Shop For Quality Shoes

With so many different companies now looking to sell clothing and shoe products online, it's important to make you get what you pay for. Most online retailers are selling poorly made products at discounted prices. When shopping for shoes online, make sure you go with a retailer that offers quality, style & comfort. Some online shoe retailers will disclose the brands of their products and others don't. Make enquiries and do your research. Look up reviews before making a purchase.

Getting The Right Shoe Size

It's always hard finding the right shoe size for both men and women. When shopping for shoes, check the refund policy. Some online retailers will allow you to return the product within 30 days if the product is faulty or is the wrong size. Many online retailers will not refund shoes or other products simply for change of mind so think of a reason why you want to return the product. Make sure you investigate the correct sizes. Some retailers may sell UK size, others may sell US sizes

Shoe Brand Names

When shoe shopping online, look for brand names. If you can find the brand name of the product on line, check the suppliers website to compare any reviews based on that brand. You will also generally be able to find a sizing guide for most shoe products or other apparel. Brand names may also come at a price so be weary. There are fake brand name suppliers out there which will generally offer discounted prices. This may mean a cheap purchase, but can also mean poor quality and very uncomfortable shoes or footwear.

Popular brand names will generally be more expensive, however, some smaller brand names may offer the same level of style and quality.

When shopping for high heels or stilettos, try browsing lingerie sites as they generally stock a great range of sexy footwear as well as intimate apparel.

Online Refund Or Exchange Policy

When returning your shoes or clothing products, check the terms and conditions to see if you will be liable to pay for return shipping. Most online stores will expect you to pay for the return postage costs which can sometimes add to be more expensive than the actual shoes or clothing product. Be aware of how much postage will cost should you need to return the product.

If you feel as though the terms and conditions are not clear, make sure you contact the customer service department before making your purchase. It is generally easier to buy from an online retailer who is willing to communicate and assist as opposed to a retailer that offers cheap products and no customer service.


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      Nisha 3 years ago

      - I love the new space,its so modern and chic. A great place to meet with your clinets! I've been following you on facebook for a while and your work is absolutely beautiful. Too bad you're in AB not ON