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UK Shoe Sizes and Conversion Charts to EU and US Sizes

Updated on February 20, 2014

China uses European standard for clothes and shoe sizes. EU standard recommends that shoes should be labelled with the foot lengths for which they are suitable, measured in centimetres.

I haven’t bought any shoes for a couple of years since I moved to UK because I brought several pairs with me from China. I was totally confused when I was buying shoes for my daughter. If I wear size 4 which equals EU size 37, how can it be there is a baby shoe size 4 too? After a half hour wandering in the shoes shop, I started to understand that there are child sizes and adult sizes in UK standard.

UK and US shoe sizes

Shoe size in UK is based on the length of the last, measured in barleycorns (thirds of an inch) starting from the smallest practical size, which is size zero. A child's size zero is equivalent to a hand (or handbreadth. which is a unit of length measurement, originally based on the breadth of a hand. It is standardised at 4 inches or 10 cm or 12 barleycorns), and the sizes go up to size 13 (8″). An adult size one is then the next size up (9″) and each size up continues the progression in barleycorns.

Shoe sizes in North America are similar to those in UK but start counting at one rather than zero and so equivalent sizes are one greater. This is similar to the way that floors in buildings are numbered from one rather from zero (ground) in these regions.

Conversion chart

The following chart shows how to convert UK shoe sizes to EU and US sizes.

• Childs UK 0 = EU 16 = USA & Canada 1 
• Childs UK 1 = EU 17 = USA & Canada 2 
• Childs UK 2 = EU 18 = USA & Canada 3 
• Childs UK 3 = EU 19 = USA & Canada 4 
• Childs UK 4 = EU 20 = USA & Canada 5 
• Childs UK 5 = EU 22 = USA & Canada 6 
• Childs UK 6 = EU 23 = USA & Canada 7 
• Childs UK 7 = EU 24 = USA & Canada 8 
• Childs UK 8 = EU 26 = USA & Canada 9 
• Childs UK 9 = EU 27 = USA & Canada 10 
• Childs UK 10 = EU 28 = USA & Canada 11 
• Childs UK 11 = EU 30 = USA & Canada 12 
• Childs UK 12 = EU 31 = USA & Canada 13 
• Childs UK 13 = EU 32 = USA & Canada 1 
• Adult UK 1 = EU 33  = USA & Canada 2 
• Adult UK 2 = EU 34  = USA & Canada 3 
• Adult UK 3 = EU 35.5= USA & Canada 4 
• Adult UK 4 = EU 37  = USA & Canada 5 
• Adult UK 5 = EU 38  = USA & Canada 6 
• Adult UK 6 = EU 39  = USA & Canada 7 
• Adult UK 7 = EU 40  = USA & Canada 8 
• Adult UK 8 = EU 42  = USA & Canada 9
• Adult UK 9 = EU 43  = USA & Canada 10
• Adult UK 10= EU 44.5= USA & Canada 11
• Adult UK 11= EU 46  = USA & Canada 12
• Adult UK 12= EU 47  = USA & Canada 13
• Adult UK 13= EU 48  = USA & Canada 14
• Adult UK 14= EU 49  = USA & Canada 15

Age to size guide for children

• Up to 1 = Child size UK 0-4

• Age 2 = Child size UK 5-6
• Age 3 = Child size UK 7-8
• Age 4 = Child size UK 9-10
• Age 5 = Child size UK 10-11
• Age 6 = Child size UK 11-12
• Age 7 = Child size UK 12- 
          Adult size UK 1
• Age 8+ = UK adult sizes


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    • profile image

      amarachi 18 3 years ago

      my shoe size is 40 and i wanna convert to us what would it be

    • profile image

      vinay 3 years ago

      what size 32 eu

    • profile image

      shivani 3 years ago

      I am shoes size 6 in india.what means of size 37 Eu.i m so confused.Please help me......

    • profile image

      Amarachi 3 years ago

      My shoe size is 6 (UK size), but I want to convert it to Nigerian size. What would it be?

    • profile image

      Mono 5 years ago

      My daughter is 4 years old however she has big Polynesian feet. I measured her feet and she is 165mm in length, what is her shoe size for Nike shoes please in UK and US?

    • profile image

      fadi kabha 6 years ago

      iam from israel my size is 40 how much in usa

    • profile image

      ibitoye simi 6 years ago

      If I am 37 Nigeria please what size will I be America

    • profile image

      blue 6 years ago

      Thank you for this - it is helpful, but unfortunately, not the full story. In the UK and EU and Japan, shoe size is based solely on the size of the shoe, or the last, or the length of the foot to go in them. The US is unique in that men's and women's sizes are different - and the sizes are also different dependant on the type of shoe sizing the manufacturer used - sports shoes and formal shoes have different sizes (go figure)!

      To add to the confusion I've noticed that recently in the UK people are making the conversion from EU to UK sizes differently. I'm female and I've always been a UK8, which has always equated to an EU42 - until recently, when many people (especially eBay) have started listing a UK8 as an EU41. It's not true - I know, from trying many, many shoes in both an EU41 and an EU42 that a UK8 is NOT an EU41.

      The best conversion chart I've found is here:

      That said, they don't list the standard US women's sizes.

      So, to help (and you can calculate out from here to your own sizes) I am a UK8, EU42 and US(womens)10.5 - got it?!

    • profile image

      kat 6 years ago

      hi people

    • profile image

      christopher 6 years ago

      im 9 and im an adult size 1

    • profile image

      Siwan 7 years ago

      what a load of twaddle!!! a uk adult 8 has always been a 43 9 = 44 10 = 45 etc but a few years ago they all changed!!! so now all these companies advertise that they sell ladies shoes up to a 10 but when u check its actually a 43 which was traditionally an 8!!! which is the same size as they've always produced!!!

    • profile image

      Aj 7 years ago

      If i am a 7 in u.s what am i in uk? plz HElp

    • profile image

      Rob 7 years ago

      Actually, although it sounds pedantic and you rarely find EU 1/2 sizes, I think theoritically a UK woman's size 7 is an EU 40.5. EU 41 is a UK 7 1/2.

    • profile image

      tanzi 7 years ago

      A Ladies size 7 EU is a 41 -- not a size 40 as stated in the chart a EU size 40 -- is a 6 to 6.5...

    • profile image

      Mark 7 years ago

      I'm a size 11 in Canada/USA. Does that make me a size 43 for these shoes? I am confused. please advise.

    • profile image

      Herve Leger 7 years ago

      I think this type of article is useful for many readers blog.Thank you sou much.

    • profile image

      sam 7 years ago

      i am a size 7.5 in us what my size in eu

    • profile image

      Pat 7 years ago

      Beth you are wrong....UK 11 is actually a 46 EU, but yes a US 12. Indeed very confusing

    • profile image

      Jade 8 years ago

      That was confusing, this is my question: If i am a size 5 in Canada what size am i in UK?

    • profile image

      Beth 8 years ago

      Do the math Franklyn! UK 11 = EU 44 = USA 12

    • profile image

      DENIS JOHNSON 8 years ago

      US ladies sizes run 2 sizes bigger than the UK size for example a size 5 UK is converted to size 7 US. I found out the hard way when i bought some shoes and for my mum only to return to the UK and they were small as i had bought only 1 size up as this is the typical conversion for men (1 size up).

    • profile image

      Franklyn Adedugbe 8 years ago


      THANK YOU.

    • profile image

      franklyn 8 years ago

      i need to by a gucci shoe in America thru my sisiter and am confused about my size in America.My size in UK,is is size 11,what will be my size in USA??????

    • profile image

      discount shoe 9 years ago

      thank you so much for this , there are so many shoe brands that go by their own measurements you really have to try a shoe sometimes to get the right fit

    • AEvans profile image

      Julianna 9 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      Thank you for this information as their sizes have always been confusing to me, so we are not the first ones out there that has this problem. I am certainly happy that I livein the U.S . as I am a size 7 and that makes me feel comfortable, if I were there then I would be a 6=39 and 39 to me is HUGE!!!:) Great Article!!


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