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Shoes, the strange and unusual Shoes!

Updated on May 10, 2015

Here's a quick look at them!

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My collection of the MOST UNUSUAL SHOES I've ever seen!

As our world grows more an more unique and somewhat quirky there becomes more of a demand for the unusual. If you'd like to check out more shoes like these, look at this website! as they will have you in awe, and also wondering if you can pull of wearing any of them!

I, am, of course like many women, love the shoes, handbags, jewelry, makeup etc. but there's just some things better left to unique concepts in design, that are not wearable! I was going to post only the photos that showed someone wearing them, but changed my mind when I seen all the ones they weren't.

I cannot pick a favorite. From the strange Vampire like shoes, to the pretty flowery ones, I think I really love the one that looks like Baby's Breath best, they would be beautiful with the right wedding gown!

Yikes! If wearing these I'd want to be very careful. Also if you see anyone wearing them, maybe don't say the wrong thing. Those could put your eye out!

As unique as they are, they still hold a place here. They bring a whole new meaning to the word spikes!

Let's get racy! These might not be our high heels but they are definitely a bit on the unique side. A bit zany for the quirky side of fashion!

I actually did see a girl with a purple dress walk out of an office (where she worked) and upon first glance very cute and stylish outfit. But as I looked at all of her attire I noticed she had on shoes that made these little race cars seem all the normal wear! I couldn't believe how she pulled off being a professional and wearing zebra flats with her little purple dress so good.

She didn't look at all out of place or dressed silly, she did a number (pun intended) on putting the norm with out the norm very well! So who says you can't be daring and do it?

I thought these a bit "boxy" but cute in a strange sort of way! These could pair with almost anything and have people chattering about you! I wouldn't worry, as with the right hand bag these little boxy shoes could be pulled off easy!

I don't think they're too high as some of the platforms, so they're definitely wearable! In my opinion of course, although I would not be surprised to see someone like Lady GaGa wearing them on one of her normal days. Does she have normal dress days?

These little strange cuties make me think of the Harajuku girls in Japan! I could see them being worn in that fashion district as a bit tamed! But still the girls tend to go with some bright pinks and whites. These just make me think of them.

While they look like they might be a bit uncomfortable, you'd actually be surprised at them. They aren't all uncomfortable. Some are made of softer materials to make it easier for standing and walking. Especially if you're going to walk around a fashion district just to be seen! These would make it there! Not to high or low!

These are the pair I write about being bridal above. They look so delicate, but I can see the outline of maybe the harder plastic they are made with in the heel area. I'm sure they might not be too comfortable but any bride wearing these would have the most unique and beautiful dainty looking shoes ever.

I would think these would go beautiful even if it were another occasion such as renewing your vows as you'd wear a dress that could show them off. Maybe a second spin at marriage when you know you put different thoughts into how you'd of like to do on your first spin at marriage.

Some of the people out there on their first time around are in such a rush to get married they don't put as much thought into things as they wish they had of.

Leave it to Madonna to have taken my idea and used a short but traditional looking wedding dress on her "Like a Virgin" video. I'll never forget the looks on the faces of the women at the bridal dress store. It was like, WHAT? You want a short, but traditional dress? No! Nobody does such a thing. Well that's what I wanted so my mother took me into a regular store and bought me just an ordinary white summer dress back when Angel sleeves were all the rage. I didn't ever get my dress, but if I ever get a second go around, you can bet I'm going to probably do it as I please and wear shoes like these if I have to make them myself! Now that's the spirit!

Let's step out on a limb here and just say OUCH! While these shoes would definitely catch some attention I think they might be a little more than a conversation piece. By all means if you find these shoes make sure the garlic isn't real, (ha) and make sure if you're wearing them not to walk on grass. You might find yourself stuck to the ground.

That was an intended pun! I thought they used the perfect fake leg for these strange but cool kicks!

Here are an array of shoes that I found most interesting and odd!

Some to high up, one could really get hurt! Some OK just to show off! Some just for looks, and some for the right occasion!

Some of these shoes might be just for looks or staying in as to not fall down a flight of stairs, because we all know, fashion begins before you ever walk out the door!

The Last but not Least Shoe Candy Gallery!

Click thumbnail to view full-size
These would be awesome at a party!Is this their idea of the egonomic high heel? Super Cool Vampiress Shoes!To Fill Them With Anything, That Could Be FUN!No stepping on these toes!There's Those Party Shoes Again! Funny by Poolside! Ew!I wonder if CatWoman has some of these...Ouch. Ok, our platforms were not quite this high...I'm not really sure what to sayI wouldn't have a dress to match!
These would be awesome at a party!
These would be awesome at a party!
Is this their idea of the egonomic high heel?
Is this their idea of the egonomic high heel?
Super Cool Vampiress Shoes!
Super Cool Vampiress Shoes!
To Fill Them With Anything, That Could Be FUN!
To Fill Them With Anything, That Could Be FUN!
No stepping on these toes!
No stepping on these toes!
There's Those Party Shoes Again! Funny by Poolside! Ew!
There's Those Party Shoes Again! Funny by Poolside! Ew!
I wonder if CatWoman has some of these...
I wonder if CatWoman has some of these...
Ok, our platforms were not quite this high...
Ok, our platforms were not quite this high...
I'm not really sure what to say
I'm not really sure what to say
I wouldn't have a dress to match!
I wouldn't have a dress to match!

Thanks for Visiting!

Please take part in my poll I think it'll be fun! All comments are welcome even if it's just an OUCH! Believe me, I'm a female, I understand!

Those Unusual Shoes!

Just pick something as close to how you feel as you can!

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    • Katharella profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Lost in America

      Hi Cori, those are the tip of the ice burg! While fun yeah, you can see them at a lot of Goth gatherings (Like the garlic ones) but yeah people actually do wear them, anyplace you find women who like to dress in the unusual, you'll find shoes like these! I've actually been meaning to add to this hub as I've found a few stores that only carry these types of shoes! I'll stick with the pretty normal myself lol :) Thanks for stoppin' in!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Omg, I can't believe such shoes actually exist. Quite fun to watch, but who would actually wear those?

    • Ghost Whisper 77 profile image

      JG the IGNITER 

      9 years ago from The U.S. Government protects Nazi War Criminals

      I absolutely love the first flower high heels! I want me a pair! Where do you get a pair of those?


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