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Shopping Bag Tote - Trendy, Useful, and Reusable

Updated on July 9, 2010

Being more 'green' is becoming the it thing to do nowadays.  I'm personally not a hardcore greenie, but I do what I can.  Carrying reusable shopping bag totes is the simplest thing I can do, and just makes sense.  When I first started using them, I would just get the ones they sold at the grocery store.  Imagine my surprise when they broke after a few uses and didn't carry half as much as what a plastic bag carries!

The shopping bag totes I highlight in this hub are trendy, useful, and most of all reusable!  After having kids, I never liked having those plastic bags around my house.  Reusable shopping bag totes are so diverse and last a long time.

Examples for what I use my shopping bag totes for:

  • Groceries -surprise!
  • Shopping at the mall, Walmart, Target
  • Daycare -back when I took my oldest to daycare every day.  Held so much and didn't need a second diaper bag to leave there all week!
  • Living room toy clean up - throw the toys in the bag at the end of the night, put them away in the morning.

Why I Use Shopping Bag Totes

  • Plastic bags take up too much room in the landfills.
  • It's estimated that each American contributes approximately 300 plastic bags to the landfills.
  • Most of the shopping bag totes are cute and trendy!
  • I'm a bag fiend, some people love shoes, I love bags!
  • They are versatile, can be used for more than grocery shopping.
  • Most of them fold small enough to throw into a purse, diaper bag, and even your back pocket.

Reusable Shopping Bag Tote 4 Pack by ChicoBag

These trendy and reusable shopping bag totes come in six different solid colors and one Earth design.  You can either buy the four pack all in one color, or they have two different mixed selections.  Lots of choices!

Made of polyester, these bags are strong, durable, and can carry up to 25lbs.  These shopping bag totes weight 1.5 ounces each and can be stored in the integrated pouch built into the bag.  They are easy to open and measure 18 x 14.5 when opened; plenty of room for all your shopping!

The ChicoBag shopping bag tote can be washed in the washer and hung to dry.  I think the best part of this bag is that when you can no longer use it (gets too dirty, or your dog uses it as a chew toy) the company will take it back and recycle it for you.  Not only do they take their own bags, they take ANY reusable shopping bag (usable or not.)  They will either re-purpose it or recycle it.  They do not want to see any reusable shopping bag go to a landfill.

Six BAGGU Shopping Bag Totes

Baggu's 6 Pack of Shopping Bag Totes

Baggu offers a great value package of six reusable shopping bag totes.  Each of these bags fold up and are stored in it's own 5 x 5 pouch.  Similar to the ChicoBag, each bag can hold up to 25lbs.  

The Baggu 6 Pack comes in 12 different colors and offer a flat bottom to safely carry your eggs, milk, and orange juice cartons (just not all in the same bag, please!)  Made out of nylon each bag weighs 2 ounces and can carry as much as 3 plastic bags full of groceries.  

Reusable Shopping Bag Tote - Folds into a Strawberry!

Tapp Collections Strawberry Shopping Bag Tote

These reusable shopping bag totes are just too cute NOT to mention.  The bag itself, not including handles measure 15.5 x 15 and when not in use can be folded up into a strawberry looking pouch!  Tapp Collections also has bags that fold into teddy bears!

Available in 15 different colors and designs, these shopping bag totes are made out of a polyester fabric and will definitely become a conversation starter when you turn your 'strawberry' into a full sized reusable shopping bag tote!  

They do not sell packs of their bags, but if you do get higher discounts with multiple purchases.  


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