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Shopping For The Best Stubble Trimmer Or Beard Trimmer

Updated on September 7, 2015

Shaving and beard trimming have always been almost like an art form for professional men. It takes considerable dexterity to trim a beard or to shave away stubble on the face. Barbers have expertise and may offer a demonstration on how it is done. But buying the best stubble trimmer you can find is the most sensible way to maintain that scruff that’s so much in style right now. Then you can handle your own grooming in a home setting.

The sheer convenience of the best stubble trimmer should not be underestimated. Some people don't have time to wait for a barber to trim their beard, and there are popular models you can learn to use at home with no trouble at all. That makes it possible to get the great stubble you deserve before heading out to work, school or wherever you’re going.

Here are some models of beard trimmers and stubble trimmers you may want to consider:

5. Remington Precision Power - Mustache and Beard Trimmer

Men have a surprisingly diverse array of facial hair styles. Beards and mustaches aren’t all the same density and don’t grow in the same pattern. It helps to have a well designed device that is dedicated to a simple trim. Everything comes neatly packaged and arranged for those prepared to use it.

The manufacturer is a well respected name in a crowded industry. They have decades of experience in helping men achieve a better look. A name like Remington guarantees that men will appreciate their look when they are finished. That has helped their models rank among the best stubble trimmer designs.

4. Wahl Lithium All-In-One Trimmer

There are advantages to having everything important in one single package. Wahl has issued a custom-designed trimmer that has several different extensions. It features a modern design that appeals to new users and experienced ones alike. It recharges easily and may be taken on business trips to distant locations because it packs up easily. The compact size makes it easy to store the model in kind of travel kit you have.

Wahl has also provided a few different trimming ends for users that allow you to vary the length of the trim on your facial hair. Whether it be stubble or a full beard, the trimmer should do the job admirably. The brand name is also a recognized and respected name that you should trust as much as your father and your grandfather did.

3. Philips Norelco - Multigroom 5100

Philips is another major name in the industry, competing in the crowded beard grooming and stubble trimming market. It has new relevancy with the unveiling of today’s popular new models. Perhaps you will consider the Philips Norelco Multigroom 5100 to be the best stubble trimmer for your unique needs.

2. Gilette Flexball Razor

Some established manufacturers use their influence to advance technology. Gilette has actively experimented with some new technology and promises a closer shave for those days when you want to cut close and then let your stubble grow out naturally. When it comes to trimming stubble, it helps to end with a smooth finish around the edges too. That adds to one's professional luster. The company backs all of their products with a satisfaction guarantee.

1. Panasonic Precision Hair And Beard Trimmer

Online listings offer great prices on this brand, and you’ll like the great performance too. And because Panasonic is a respected brand, you can be sure their years of experience stand behind every product you buy from them. Why not give this one a try?

Perhaps among these five choices you’ll find something that meets your needs. That’s my goal in writing is Hub for you.


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