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Short hair styles for men

Updated on May 30, 2012

Short hair styles for men

Men are also concerned about their appearance, which is why hairstyles have tried to keep up with their desires of looking hot. Therefore, the new trends keep flowing when it comes to short hair styles for men and the best way of checking them out is to browse through magazines and websites.

If you’re a man who likes to change his look, you have probably been inspired by a celebrity to get one of the short hair styles for men available. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo is a real hair trendsetter whether you like football or not. One of the hottest ways in which he wore his hair was represented by the mohawk.

These short hair styles for men may not be as popular at the moment, however you are able to benefit from milder versions of it if the length of your hair doesn’t allow you to create the original style of the mohawk.

Short hair styles

Short hair styles for men

Hair styles for men

In fact, creating milder mohawks represents a great way of achieving some of the hottest short hair styles for men now. All you need to do is let the top part of your hair grow longer than the rest of it because this is how you will turn your hair into the mild mohawk.

On the other hand, it’s in the hands of the hairdresser to set the tone for these short hair styles for men because you have the opportunity of achieving this look without spending any minute in front of the mirror. If your hairdresser does a good job with your hair, all the trick would be to apply a bit of hair gel over your hair everyday to keep everything altogether.

Short hair styles for men

More about short hair styles for men

Other cool short hair styles for men that you can try this year consist in close shaves. Very short, very simple, very hot. You won’t have to worry about the way your hair looks at all. In addition to this, the hair style compliments any facial features and you will actually benefit from a tough and hot look that ladies will surely appreciate.

Leaving the top part of your hair a bit longer and styling it in upward moves is a very modern alternative to the classic pompadour. This kind of hairdo will add a lot of volume to your hair and also provide you with a tough and attractive look. As long as you’re not afraid of changes, you are surely going to achieve masculine and sexy appearances.

Short haircut


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Hairstyles for men

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    • matijab profile image

      Matija Balantic 4 years ago from Slovenia

      Short hair styles are perfect for summer.