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Short Tattoo Quotes - Cool Ideas

Updated on December 15, 2015
Cute Tattoo Quotes for Girls
Cute Tattoo Quotes for Girls

Short Tattoo Quotes

Using some good short movie quotes or lyrics for tattoo quotes is a good eye-catching idea. Creating a masterpiece tattoo on the neck, arm, chest, back or any other body part takes patience, creativity, and even research. Nowadays our young generation including both guys and girls try to convince their parents that they should give them permission to get their first tattoo or piercing at the age of 14 or in their middle school. The idea of a permanent tattoo in teenage is no doubt a stupid idea; you can try a temporary colorful tattoo for some party or a little fun. A laser treatment is required for a permanent tattoo removal and it hurt like hell, so be careful in your tattoo decision.

Eye Catching tattoo quotes:

  1. No sin no pain.
  2. My tattoo last longer than my relationship.
  3. If your heart does not belong to me, mine is exclusively yours.
  4. Far in the distance, forever in my heart!
  5. Spend no money is going to be very difficult.
  6. The past should just stay in the past.
  7. Before this tattoo, I have been just a normal human being.
  8. Do not know if you love me, but my love for you is deathless.
  9. Life is already beautiful, you just wait.
  10. The deepest pain in life is not death.
  11. Thug life stays happy.
  12. It's always more awkward when you break up and you're by yourself.
  13. I need a night out.
  14. All sufferings are lesson to those who want to learn.
  15. I can be carefree, don’t feel guilty.
  16. If there were no more words and no way to speak, I would still hear you.
  17. I can no longer bury what I have.
  18. My love is distressing for various reasons.
  19. My heart is healing really well.
  20. Life is too short! Make it memorable in every single minute of your life.
  21. Getting judged by actual judges!
  22. Life is too short to make it perfect. So, no perfection anymore!
  23. I hope that you get my lies.
  24. If you don't have my company then it's your issue.
  25. Welcome to reality, be thankful for what you already have.
  26. Let me whisper in the ear from the back side, where the chill is satisfied.
  27. The countdown begins until you get here.
  28. I hate when people talk about my tattoo.
  29. I used to live with my pirate family on a huge ship and eventually one day I wish to return to sea and search for treasure.
  30. My passion has been repeated for some time.
  31. My love isn’t all roses and blue.
  32. Still in love with you is like a nightmare.
  33. No, I can't believe you even remember me.
  34. If there were no more tears to convey my regret, I will still miss you.
  35. I will wait for you, among the tears without any ear.
  36. Come on, I am not a private property.
  37. True love has intelligence, confidence, and wonders in it.
  38. Let's forget the sorrows and celebrate the love with a thousand kisses in this wonderful world.
  39. Without any appointment and without any license I always managed to win.
  40. My heart is more massive now.
  41. I have so much to tell you, but words cannot explain how great my love for you is.
  42. One day I will fall in love, suddenly and unintentionally.
  43. Pay my bill after I hit you.
  44. Happiness is much more than survival.
  45. Never underestimate the word love.
  46. I ran in search of discoveries, discoveries that unlock mysteries.

Do you have any tattoos dedicated to your loved ones? What are they of, and how proud are you to have them? Do you have tattoos, or want a tattoo? Tell me, and share with everybody your story.

What is your tattoo location?

Where you place a tattoo on your body?

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    • lilmissmontana profile image

      Erin Nichols 4 years ago from Montana

      I absolutely love tattoos. Especially creative quotes. I have Live Laugh Love tattooed on my right rib cage and am scheduled to get 'This Too Shall Pass' on the top of my shoulder. I have other tattoos, but they aren't quotes or sayings.

    • profile image

      Christian Velasco 4 years ago

      As a tattoo artist you see every wrong and good doing on this business but when someone wears a tattoo that you claim been for someone that passed away and then you sneaked out and scammed you way out to not pay for the last 4 hours of that tattoo....then you got to look at that tattoo knowing that you robbed the artist that did it....oh if it was me I'll cut that tattoo of my skin, I couldn't live with the idea that I sneaked out like a snake so I don't have to pay......I'm sharing the story cause it happened to a good friend of mine.

    • jlpark profile image

      Jacqui 4 years ago from New Zealand

      I've got several that are quotes:

      "Not all those who wander are lost" in Elvish script on my R foot.

      "Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony" (Gandhi) in Hindi on my left foot.

      "If, by my life or death I can protect you, I will" on my left bicep in English (to have my children's names underneath it when they are in exisitence!)

    • Quoteslover profile image

      Quotes Lover 4 years ago

      Wow you just added some more cute tattoo ideas here

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