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Women Short Hairstyles

Updated on December 19, 2014

Traditionally speaking, you may believe in the-old myth that long is beautiful but look around more women now are experiment on the shorter side. However, the long hairstyle is still popular enough to hold its own. The important part is to have the right cut that highlights your facial features and can make you look younger. Go ahead; get a change something elegant, quirky and sexy.

Triangular face girls have to cut your hair in short Layered hairstyles. Bob cuts or shoulder length cut looks beautiful on Diamond face shape girls.A curly texture is good for Oblong face shape.Bobbed short hair cuts for Oval face shape.Short shoulder length cut shows beauty for Round face girls.

Victoria Beckham Short Hairstyles
Victoria Beckham Short Hairstyles

The Long and Short of It

Short cuts are most definitely in. Bobs are hot with variations like the asymmetrical bobs, square cut bobs, long in the front and short at the back that look very sleek and classy. While they are easy to manage, bobs outgrow very fast and need to be maintained with a monthly salon visit. Working women who mostly wear western clothes can pull off short styles really well. For hair of longer length, styles like the full layers and the biker chick look can be used for young women. If you have curls, layering is very important. Use the right products and go for a layered cut rather than a straight one. Men have finally let go of the long hair look and are sporting short military style crops.

Hot Tip

Wash your hair often with the right mild shampoo and conditioners. If you are colouring your hair go for warm soft colours like tobacco, honey and auburn.

Cut and Style

Long hair will never go out of style. So if you are averse to going real short, you can modify the very popular bob, swinging to from extended bubble backs to loose tousted waves. Hair colour with jade and gold lights completes the look. A bob is great for women who want a major change and need some volume in the hair. Another popular look is the short pixie cut. For those with curly hair, it’s the best to keep some length and do a lot of internal layering to take away the bulk. Men are also moving to mid length cuts and are adding colour highlights to their hair.

Hot Tip

Use serums or hair sprays to protect your hair from the high humidity in the cities.

Bob Cut Hair Style
Bob Cut Hair Style

Bob It

The short trendy look is in vogue. Posh Becham has made the graduated bob popular, which is asymmetrical and longer on one side. It doesn’t require blow-drying, is easy to maintain and highlights the cheekbones giving a sleek look. Those who don’t want to go short all the way, are opting for shoulder length cuts but extra long is definitely out. Those with waves and curls can also try a bob. Layer the hair and add some colour for a shiny look. With men, the short-cropped look with lots of texture looks good. They can play with products for a gelled back or messy look depending on the occasion.

Hot Tip

Use sunscreen for your hair. Try using a protective spray or leave – in conditioner. Also wearing a cap protects the hair from sun damage.

More and more women are looking for short cut look. But, variations of styles are also popular. Long or short, a well-cut hairstyle goes a long way in defining the shape and structure of your jaw. For men, short is definitely looked well. A very clean, structured look is what they are opting for with a long panel at the back. Get your hair styled and brace yourself for all the compliments that are bound to come


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