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Should I Buy Pajama Jeans?

Updated on April 12, 2012

Crazy Item at a Crazy Price

I just saw the commercial for the Pajama Jeans for the first time and am just in awe not only of the product, but the price. Apparently this terrible fashion idea is making more money than I probably am. Why can't I come up with a terrible product idea that other people actually appear to be buying?

Not only is the idea of Pajama Jeans laughable, but the $39.95 price tag is cheating customers. Also, you have to pay for shipping. Pajama Jeans are a cotton/spandex fabric with little workmanship and components that advertise the comfort of pajamas with the style of jeans.

I looked at the PajamaJeanswebsite after seeing the commercial and also noticed that the xsmall through 3XL sizes fit from sizes 4-28 and are only offered in one length. If this item continues to sell (I assume the item would not have been on the market this long if it was not selling) then the next level would to offer it in petite, misses and tall and in more sizes. Yes, some women wear a size 00-2 or over a size 26.

Would you pay $39.95 plus shipping for this item or would you just spend the $40 on the jeans and the $12 on pajama pants to wear separately?

Watch the Pajama Jeans Commercial


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    • profile image

      hehe 6 years ago

      im a 00 and i cant buy them :(

    • profile image

      lucy jackson 6 years ago

      i also saw the add on the tv in australia

      this site does not ship overseas

      the one that does charges you $69.95c plus $14.95c postage a grand total of $84.90c