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Should Your Diamond Engagement or Wedding Ring Be Gold, Silver, Platinum, or Titanium to Avoid Allergy?

Updated on August 22, 2012

Congratulations! You're About to Pop the Question!

Finding someone you love and cherish is one of the most important steps in a happy, meaningful life. When they return that love, nothing in the world is better. I know you're worried about getting just the right ring. There are so many options on the market, from heart-shaped diamonds to solitaire rings to diamond bands. One of the most important questions to ask, when shopping for a diamond engagement ring is the metal! Between yellow gold, white-gold, platinum, silver, and titanium, knowing the ins and outs of precious metals is the necessary first step to narrowing down your choice to just diamond and price!

Classic, Beautiful 10k, 14k, 18k or 24k White or Yellow Gold

Gold shines with class and beauty, and maintains value over time. Gold is a classic choice for classy ladies. Gold is always made as an alloy, because it is a soft metal. an engagement ring is something that your spouse will be wearing every, single day for the rest of their life. In this case, though a 24k gold band can be purchased on the market, in this case the less gold is in the ring band, the better. In fact, a 10k gold band will carry all the shine and beauty of gold, and do so with metals that will not bend or break in the years to come. Gold is a beautiful metal, with many fine qualities. Strength for every day use is not one of those qualities.

Also, because gold is always an alloy, it could set off allergic reactions! If your future spouse has any potential allergies to different metals and metal alloys, you will probably want to avoid gold. Common alloys included in gold include Nickel, which is a fairly common metal to cause an allergy in women. See if your spouse has a metal allergy by finding out if she ever stopped wearing certain pieces of jewelry because of an allergy. Point out something in a drawer and complement it. If she says she never wears it because it gives her a rash, consider a metal besides gold for your engagement ring!


Silver is another classic selection for engagement rings. It has a particular shine that many women prefer to gold. It is traditionally a moon metal and a symbol of purity, and is an excellent choice for women who feel a strong connection to the spiritual and healing aspects of the world. Also, silver doesn't have the same allergy issues as gold. A silver engagement ring has a completely new set of allergy issues. Silver can not only be a source of contact dermatitis, like gold and gold-allows, but silver can develop that dermatitis through contact by daily use. For this reason, if your future spouse has issues with allergies, silver is another beautiful, but futile selection. You're going to want your wife to enjoy her ring every day, not just when she touches it with gloves on to protect her sensitive skin!

Silver jewelry can be a beautiful selection, and many women develop no allergic reaction. But, if your future spouse has sensitive skin, silver may not be the best choice, like gold!


Nothing says success like platinum. "Going Platinum" means, in the recording industry, selling a huge number of records, ensuring lasting financial success and cultural impact as fans have turned a song into a classic. When considering an engagement ring, platinum is an excellent choice for a discriminating woman. Platinum is a beautiful metal, and strong. Platinum is not as likely as gold to break over time. Like gold, silver, and the nickel that is a common alloy in jewelry, platinum is known to cause contact dermatitis over time. Again, this is almost always a concern, and every woman is different. The best way to protect your spouse from contact dermatitis in your ring selection is to get to know your future spouse. If she has developed rashes from rings and jewelry, then you will need to be careful when selecting the perfect engagement ring. Find out what kind of metal caused her contact dermatitis, and select a different precious metal!

Still, platinum is an ideal choice for engagement rings because it balances strength, durability, and a beautiful appearance that will last for decades! Of all the selections for a wedding or engagement band, platinum, for me and my wife, is the choice we made together.


A new metal on the jewelry scene, Titanium has one quality that means it may be the perfect choice for your engagement ring: it does not produce allergic reactions! For sensitive hands, no precious metal offers this assurance. Titanium is also the ideal choice for wedding bands, because it is one of the strongest metals on the market today. Nothing will cause a titanium band to break or warp. Your ring could survive any amount of physical activity, including high-contact ones like outdoor rock climbing, professional American football, and raising your average, household toddler, the titanium band is the choice for a truly indestructible, allergy-free ring.

Appearance-wise it tends to be a bit on the dull side, compared to rivals like white gold, silver, and platinum. But, proponents of titanium say that only means the beautiful diamonds shine-all-the-brighter in their settings!

Titanium is also an excellent choice for budget-conscious ring buyers, who would like to get the best diamond for their engagement dollar. No bride, no matter how discriminating, can deny the power of a beautiful, huge, shiny diamond to weaken her knees and completely win her heart!

Other metals, like Tungsten, are showing up on the scene, but they are relative newcomers that have yet to prove themselves as precious metals. Perhaps, in time, there will be more choices for potential buyers of engagement rings!


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