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Shoulder Pad Fashion

Updated on June 3, 2011

Women’s shoulder pads are back! I have noticed so many women on the T.V wearing tops or jackets with the shoulder pad style. Shoulder pads went out of fashion a long time ago and no one ever thought we’d see them again, but here we are in 2010 watching news readers and presenter wearing high, pointy, studded, sparkling, bejewelled, should pads.

So naturally I thought I should write something on these alien-like yet somehow great looking fashion items.

Unlike back in the 80’s when shoulder pads first emerged, the shoulder pads of today are way more exciting and pretty looking than they were back then. Shoulder pads back in the eighties were just bits of padding that you put into your shoulders to make them bigger. Rarely did you see dazzling, patterned should pads, probably because they were associated more with the working woman and the female suit.

But today we have a whole host of beautiful designs of shoulder pads, which I will do a rundown of here in this hub.

The Subtle Shoulder Pad

You have the subtle, not too tall shoulder pad style usually worn by those who like shoulder pads but are old enough to remember how bad they were in the 80’s and so prefers to play it down a bit. Also great for everyday fashion that can be worn to work.

A Sophisticated Shoulder Pad

Then you have the slightly bigger style shoulder pads that are not as low key as the first but not too over the top either. This style can look very sophisticated if worn correctly.

The Gemstone/Stud Shoulder Pad

Then you get the really pretty, dazzling style shoulder pads that are covered in gems or studs. These types of shoulder pads are quite common with news readers and presenters at the moment.

The Stupid Shoulder Pad

Then you get the totally wacky and over the top style shoulder pads that make you look like some sort of alien, which you may sometimes see pictures of celebrities wearing. This type of shoulder pad is just ridiculous, uncomfortable and horrid looking.

Personally, I am not too keen on the huge shoulder pad styles, I think a woman looks far more attractive when you can see her neck, while those huge shoulder pads make a woman look like her heads been squashed into her body.


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