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Side Support Bra – Reasons to Wear It

Updated on December 3, 2012

Side Support Bra

Side Support Bra

Most of the time, women wear the wrong type and size of bra, so instead of enhancing your breasts, they bring on bulges and lines on your back and sides. When the bra structure is skimpy, and the cups are too small the flesh on your sides spill out. Today, there should be no issues about this. A side support bra has been built with all the right features to hold your sides in their proper places.

Relieve You of Back Strain

Besides keeping your breasts from spilling sideways, a side support bra can prevent you from experiencing back strain. If you are very well endowed, you may have problems in holding your full breasts up. The pull of the weight of your extended fronts will tag at your shoulders resulting in pain at the back. Over time, your posture will become affected because of this pulling. You lack the proper support at the front and at the sides, so your clothes will not be hanging right on you.

Make You Pounds Thinner

A good side support bra has the ability to lift your breasts. As soon as you wear it, immediately you will look about 10 pounds thinner. Think about this: proper support on your breasts stretches your torso automatically, so you look fitter. Instead of your breasts sagging and drooping, they sit high and look more firm. You will feel better when you know that you look better.

Size Matters

The size of your side support bra is the biggest issue in finding the right fit. About 85% of women are walking around wearing bra with a wrong size. Wearing the wrong size bra can result in spilling at the sides, back rolls, and painful, red strap marks on your shoulders. Before you shop for a side support bra, get yourself a proper fitting from any lingerie boutique. Getting your bra size is a free service offered by these stores online or on department stores.

You can measure yourself

If you have a tape measure, you can do the measurement yourself. You need to know your band size and also cup size. To get to know your band size, you first need to measure your body under the bust. IF you got a number which is even (30, 32, 34, 36, etc) in the result, that is the exact measurement of your band. However if you got an number which is odd (31, 33, 35, 37, etc), you then need to add 1” to that (ex.: 31” + 1” = 32). Now you got to find out the cup size. Start with measuring your breast around to its fullest part and then subtract your band size from your breast size. The cup size will depend on the difference that resulted. IF you got a 1” difference, it calls for an A-cup; a 2” difference means a B-cup, and so on..

After you've known your exact bra size, you are now ready to shop online for your bra with confidence, because you know that you are getting the correct fitting. You will not have to worry about returning your order in case the bra/s do not fit you properly.

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