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How to Make a Real Impression on That Special Lady With a Gorgeous Silk Scarf or Shawl

Updated on August 11, 2010

One of the most difficult things a man can face is attempting to buy the right gift for that special woman in his life. The pressure comes from realizing his adored lady will not only carefully scrutinize it but also question how much care and attention he put into selecting it. If he does not choose wisely, she might think he cares less or does not really know her at all. If it comes across as being “cheap” in quality, she may assume he does not value or treasure her. Is it any wonder men often go with the safe gifts: chocolates and flowers.

This is not to suggest women are ungrateful in nature. They simple place greater emphasis on what goes into selecting a gift – the thought behind it, than men do. It therefore follows that if you wish to make the best of impressions, you need to think carefully – to consider exactly what it is you wish to convey.

If there is one thing you can rely on, it is the appreciation of luxury and quality. This is not based on the expense of the gift, but rather on the implied message. In purchasing such a present, you indicate she is worth every penny you spent on the gift. If the present is also unique, it is indicative of her own special qualities. If the offering is also practical and versatile, she will recognize your desire for her to wear it often and think of you while she does so.

If these revelations or suggestions seem to complicate matters, do not panic. The answer is simple. Consider buying her a stunning hand painted silk scarf or a hand-dyed silk shawl. Be careful. Avoid both the mass-produced and the designer ones. They are not as individualized or as singular as these amazing original creations. The product of talented artists, no other comparative product conveys as eloquent or graceful a message.

Do not simply purchase the first of the hand painted and dyed silk scarves or shawls. Select one that will truly reflect her personal style and taste. Show you have taken the time or ponder the question of what reflects her personality. Contemplate her color daily color selection, the thematic approach she takes to her designs and patterns. Examine how she would wear this new accessory and consider whether there is one particular outfit it would match perfectly. In adopting this approach, you will prove to her how much care and thought you have put into choosing this gift for her.

The moral of the story? Next time you decide to buy your true love something special – for her birthday, for Christmas, a special date or “just because,” avoid the normal flowers and chocolates. Opt for a gift that truly reveals how you care.

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