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Silk Scarves and Shawls – Your Personal Trademark

Updated on August 25, 2015

I am sure you know or notice women in your life who stand out. They have their own personal trademark. For some, it is long, sculptured fingernails, for others, spiky, high heels. There are women who dress predominantly in flashy colors or wear their hair in a certain way. It is who they are: how they express who they are. To remove it would change a part of them.

A personal trademark is not something that we pick deliberately. It generally arises out of happenstance. We come across something we like, try it, then adopt it as our own. On some level, we know it suits us and is a reflection of our personality, our values our perception of life or even our essential being. Sometimes, a trademark comforts us. It can make us feel safe. Without it, we can feel unprotected and bare. Moreover, our trademarks are comparable to stating our uniqueness in a world of mass production and conformity.

A personal trademark varies from woman to woman. A particular scent, a distinctive hairdo, a certain style of clothing or one specific type of accessory can be trademarks. Some women opt to wear only one designer’s clothing. They revel in the label. Others do not care who designed the accessory or clothing. What matters is that it is hand crafted and unique.

There is no doubt a personal trademark emits a strong message. It is essential, therefore, you make sure you are revealing who you are. It is important that the trademark reflect your personality and/or what you want to either reveal or express. For instance, do you want to portray youth, rebellion, romance or tradition? If you prefer to display a connection between you and style, sophistication and elegance, your perfect solution – the ideal trademark, could well be silk shawls and scarves.

Silk scarves and shawls are unique. If you ignore the mass-marketed department and designer silk scarves and opt for the handcrafted ones, you are truly displaying your taste and individuality. Select only 100%, beautifully hand dyed, silk scarves. The abundance of patterns and designs indicate individuality and quality. Each pattern is the product of a creative artist utilizing ancient techniques to ensure the beautiful dyes flow into and set the pattern for each scarf and shawl. The result is magnificent – a striking accessory. It will never fail to catch the eye of even the most jaded person as it drapes its wearer in sensuous and stylish fabric.

Another reason to favor silk shawls and scarves as a personal trademark is their resourcefulness and enormous utility. It ensures you are wearing a trademark and not merely playing at it. A trademark, after all, is something you wear constantly and consistently no matter what the occasion. You can wear a silk scarf or shawl anywhere and everywhere – as part of an office ensemble or as an integral piece of your beachwear. This silk accessory is made for a Broadway opening or a walk in the country. Silk makes a fashionable outfit more dressy and can dress-up even the plainest of outfits. If you choose silk scarves, people will know you, everywhere you go, as the urbane woman with the unique scarves.

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by Julie-Ann Amos, professional writer, and owner of international writing agency

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