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Hand Painted Silk Scarves Versus the Designer Alternative

Updated on August 25, 2015

If we ever decide to invest in the purchase of a new silk scarf, we soon discover there is a wide range of available products. If you are looking for inexpensive silk accessories, you can opt for machine-printed patterns. These are available at most retail stores. Of both a higher quality and price are the designer scarves. They bear the names of Hermes, Chanel, Gucci and similar brand signatures. Nevertheless, in spite of the greater price, these items typically consist of a printed, limited pattern. The higher price is the result of some small individualistic handcraftsmanship e.g.  some one has often hand stitched the product around its edges.

There is another kind of silk scarf available on the market. These are hand-painted. It would seem logical if these spectacular accessories, the product of a creative artist’s time, effort and skill, would be the most expensive. This is not the case. The cost is identical to if not less than that commanded by designer labeled silk scarves.

This leads to the question. “What is the difference and the advantage of purchasing a hand-painted silk scarf rather than a brand named one?”  When you buy a designer scarf, you purchase one of a limited design item. In other words, you and hundreds of others have the same scarf. Women all over the world, as soon as they see their favorite personality sporting such a design, purchase it. The result is everyone and her sister is walking around wearing an identical product. A hand-painted silk scarf, on the other hand, is a one-off. It is unique and allows you to be an individual.

There is another major differentiation between designer and hand-dyed silk scarves. If you opt for a hand crafted silk scarf, you are able to choose from a wide range in colors, hues and patterns. With designer scarves, the selection is limited. As a result, the one suitable for your coloring may not be available – ever. This is never the case with hand painted originals. Silk scarves are available to suit the tastes, skin color and outfits of everyone.

The quality of silk used in both types of silk scarves is excellent grade. Yet, the process of reproducing the design differs greatly. Designer scarves feature machine printed patterns. This makes them inferior to the hand-dyed, painted and created silk scarves.  It is a matter of the quality of workmanship. The time, effort and care in the rendition of these hand-produced accessories make them truly quality, luxurious products.

Most women do not purchase a silk scarf every day. A decision to do so does not go ahead without some serious thought. If it is going to prove costly, women need to look at the variables involved. A special accessory need not be an unnecessary expenditure. It can be worth its money in terms of usage and fashion. Overall, a sumptuous, hand painted silk scarf provides the best value and the most unique fashion statement for the least cost.

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by Julie-Ann Amos, professional writer, and owner of international writing agency

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