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Silky Chiffon Summer Cardigans From Nicole Richie

Updated on June 23, 2010
From the Winter Kate fashion line.
From the Winter Kate fashion line.

If you spent any time watching 'The Simple Life' a few years ago, you could have been forgiven for thinking that Nicole Richie would never amount to much apart from an OD byline in the celebrity gossip rags. But you would have been wrong, for although Nicole got married, had a baby, and went the tired old 'Celebrity Fashion Line' route, she has established a point of difference by not sucking. I know. It's almost as if Stephen Hawking were spotted dancing a jig atop Buckingham Palace.

Anyway, Winter Kate, a new clothing line from Nicole Richie, debuted this spring, which made no sense at all on a naming level, but which has made a great deal of sense in the 'wow, that actually is hot' department. The line focuses on light, flowy, bohemian styles, rather reminiscent of Nicole Richie's own style. The brilliant thing about this type of fashion is that it truly can be worn by anyone. Unlike other fashion trends (like the skinny jeans and cut off shorts worn by the models in the picture) which can only be worn by teenagers and naturally thin women, flowing fashion is fashion for every woman. It also makes one look a little like a hippy witch, which is a total bonus.

The cardigans are made of a lovely silky light chiffon and come in a range of cuts and styles, from 3;/4 sleeved and long flowing hem lines, to short sleeves and three quarter sleeves and even sleeves that I am going to call 'Kamehameha Mega Diamond Sleeves', which are those asymmetrical sleeves you can see in the yellow on the left there.

It can be difficult to find summer clothing that isn't disgustingly revealing, or on the other hand, just plain frumpy, which is why I'm so excited about this line that shows some serious maturity whilst still being bright and playful.

So much modern fashion appears to be aimed solely at teens that future civilizations may very well be forgiven for thinking that the early years of the 2000's were characterized by some sort of cull of every female over the age of 22, but Nicole Richie is making a difference by making truly fashionable styles you could wear yourself or give to your mother, or your daughter and nobody would look silly in them.

Could Nicole Richie mature into one of the top names of Hollywood fashion? That would be nice, wouldn't it. If there's anything I love, it's a Hollywood riches to riches story.


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