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Silly Bands As Seen On TV

Updated on July 6, 2010

Silly Bands the newest fashion trend

I went to Rehoboth Beach Delaware for the 4th of July Weekend this last weekend and no matter where I looked I saw one of the newest As Seen On TV product crazes, Silly Bands.  Silly Bands were everywhere.  Some stores spelled them silly bandz, others silly bands and everyone was going on and giving out silly bandz at clubs, bars and on the beach.  Silly Bands weren't just for the kids, they were for everyone and every shape and color. 

Stores were selling American themed Silly Bandz in shapes like the Liberty Bell and the Statue of Liberty, I saw military themed ones like helitcopters and also one of the most popular silly band styles, Animal Silly Bands.  It looked like they had created a silly band for just about every shape and theme possible and the best part is that Silly Bands are not only a hot trend, but they are affordable.  I saw packs of silly bandz for sale for anywhere from $3 to $9.99 and every price in between.  But the question remained for a bunch of people, what are silly bands?

What are Silly Bandz?

Silly Bandz are a new trend product like the Snuggie or Slap Bracelets. They are small rubber bands that are shaped like fun characters. You can find Animal Silly Bandz, military, red ones, blue ones, multi colored and pretty much everything in between. They sort of remind me of Jelly Bracelets from the 80's except they stretch out and when you take them off your wrists or wherever you were using them they snap back into their original shape.

In Rehoboth Beach they were using Silly Bandz as bracelets but I also saw some being used like you would use traditional rubber bands to hold chips closed. They can basically be used for anything that is safe and that they are intended for but also for people to use as a toy or something cool to trade. If you are a kid though, you should only use or play with Silly Bandz with adult supervision. Silly Bandz are definitely on my beach supplies list for later this summer and if you want something cool to give away or just want to keep with with current trends, I highly recommend that you buy silly bands as well.

Although I didn't really care for Silly Bandz at first, I completely got sucked into the trend and ended up wearing a few silly bands over the weekend as well. When I got back home though I quickly took the silly bands off of my wrist and pushed them aside until I go back to the beach again. They really are kind of a cool mini trend like Beanie Babies and the Snuggie and it is fun to see another fun toy come around after a long pause in popular trends. Silly Bandz are pretty cool and I do recommend them, as long as you use them safely and kids only play with them as instructed on the package, are old enough and have adult supervision.


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