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Silly Bandz: The Shaped Rubber Band Bracelets for Kids

Updated on August 4, 2014

Rubber Shaped Silly Bands: Our Kids' Favorite Trading Item

The Silly Bandz craze is here. There is always an item that is the bane of a parent's existence; this year it's the Silly Bandz. Our daughters are going crazy over the trading and buying of these shaped silicon and rubber wristbands.

What exactly are Silly Bandz or Silly Bands? illy Bandz are multi-colored rubber bracelets molded into fun shapes for kids. They come in a variety of colors and shapes. When they are placed around your wrist they look like a bracelet, but they quickly form into a variety of shapes when laid flat. You can see a few of the shapes in my photos.

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Jules Loves Her Silly Bandz!Silly Bandz in the BoxOur Girls' Favorites:  Fairy Silly Band, Horse Silly Band, Wand Silly Band, Peace Silly BandGetting Ready to Trade Silly Band or Fun Bands
Jules Loves Her Silly Bandz!
Jules Loves Her Silly Bandz!
Silly Bandz in the Box
Silly Bandz in the Box
Our Girls' Favorites:  Fairy Silly Band, Horse Silly Band, Wand Silly Band, Peace Silly Band
Our Girls' Favorites: Fairy Silly Band, Horse Silly Band, Wand Silly Band, Peace Silly Band
Getting Ready to Trade Silly Band or Fun Bands
Getting Ready to Trade Silly Band or Fun Bands

Examples of Silly Bandz Shapes

  1. Halloween Silly Bandz
  2. Glow in the dark Silly Bandz
  3. Christmas Silly Bandz
  4. Animal Shaped Silly Bandz
  5. Rockstar Silly Bandz
  6. Sport Silly Bandz:  Basketball Silly Bandz, Football Silly Bandz, Soccer Silly Bands, Baseball Silly Bands, etc.
  7. Specific Team Silly Bandz  
  8. Cars and Trucks Silly Bandz
  9. Dinosaur Silly Bandz
  10. Princess Silly Bandz
  11. Bug Silly Bandz
  12. Butterfly Silly Bandz
  13. Disney Silly Bandz

Trading Silly Bandz or Fun Bands

Silly Bandz, also known as Fun Bands, are a big trading item. Our girls will spend hours organizing and trading their silly bandz. The nice thing about trading this item is that they are fairly cheap to buy, so no child is really going to be taken advantage of in the trade. Our four-year-old can trade her silly bandz with older kids and I don't have to worry that she's going to be crushed later because they "took" her. ;)

The highly-sought-after bands in our household are the glow-in-the-dark silly bandz. Our four-year-old loves the princess Silly Bandz and the Butterfly bands. Even little boys are wearing and trading the bands.

Where can I buy Silly Bandz?

Where can you buy Silly Bands or Fun Bands?

Oriental Trading Company sells a knock off of Silly Bandz called Fun Bands. They seem to be very similar (if you have a different experience, please leave a comment below.) They are about $5 for 50 bands. Amazon carries the original Silly Bandz for $5 for 24 bands. You can also get them at Toys R Us, on the Silly Bandz website, Target, and most other toy stores. Target sells 48 silly bandz for $12.

There are a bunch of Silly Bandz knock offs that are cheaper and I would assume of the same quality; they are just rubber band bracelets, the quality meter can't move too much!

Are your kids obsessed with Silly Bandz?

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      • Kristen Howe profile image

        Kristen Howe 2 years ago from Northeast Ohio

        Robin, that's pretty cool! It reminds me of something similar from my youth. Great hub!

      • Jennuhlee profile image

        Jennuhlee 6 years ago from Pennsylvania

        lol what a cute and smart hub, I really like your writing style, it is so professional!

      • profile image

        Jamie 6 years ago

        They kind of annoy me but I'm a high schooler. When 16 year olds are obsessed with how many rubber bracelets they can fit on their wrists, it seems a bit over the top. But I think for younger kids it's a cute thing to trade and it's pretty simple and cheap. :-)

        They itch my wrists personally but I'm not sure what brand I got. It was a prize for swimmer of the week.

      • smartestkidsever profile image

        smartestkidsever 6 years ago

        silly bands are a fun and cheap way for children to have fun.

      • Hello, hello, profile image

        Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

        They are so pretty and cute.

      • kimballtrombone profile image

        kimballtrombone 7 years ago

        My two grade school daughters love these! My wife uses them as rewards for doing their daily chores, music practice, etc.

      • Robin profile image

        Robin Edmondson 7 years ago from San Francisco

        Thanks for the comment, Wahine! I appreciate the feedback on Oriental Trading Company! The bands that we bought are called Shaped Rubber Bands and they definitely held their shape.

      • Wahine profile image

        Wahine 7 years ago from California

        I didn't know that Oriental Trading had any of the bands. I'm going to check that out. Thanks!

        EDIT: Looked them up and the reviews say that they aren't the same. More like silly blobs than the shapes they're supposed to be! If I'm looking for an alternative, I'll look elsewhere. Those Buddy Bands look interesting. :)