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Silpada Bracelet: Gemstone and Sterling Silver Jewelry Review

Updated on January 15, 2015

Silpada Bracelets

Silpada bracelets reveal a design approach that differs slightly from the one in the brand's necklaces, or other jewelry. The main aesthetic distinction lies in the clear preference for symmetry: while the large necklaces boasted chaotic-like luxuriousness, bracelets feature the same variety of materials, but in a more organized fashion. In other words, the beads produce a patterned ornament that recurs (usually) three to five times.

The range of materials used in the bracelets encompasses Silpada's entire inventory. However, there's less of each kind, and usually the number of particular beads corresponds with the number of pattern repetitions. Materials include silver beads, abalone shell, sponge coral, gold-filled beads, Swarowski crystals, and more.


Gemstone pieces appeal to different tastes by incorporating geometrically smooth or irregular shapes. The former category employs familiar silhouettes – rectangular, oval, round – that may increase or decrease in size depending on the placement. These bracelets further accentuate the theme of symmetry, and contribute to a smooth, harmonious look.

Pieces with irregular gems exploit nature's vibrant creativity, and offer a less organized appearance. These would especially suit wearers who assign particular significance to people's link to nature.


Silver bracelets not only keep the symmetry, but put on even more artistic features. Designers add etching and scrollwork to the links, some of which look not at all like beads, but rather like leaves, or stars. In order to complement the soft glowing lustre of the metal, light tone materials were added: milky white pearls, translucent Swarowski crystals, mother-of-pearl, and more. A surprising model from the latest (2009-2010 catalog) season – Cha-Cha bracelet – appears to break all these rules, as dozens of charms gleefully dangle from the chain. Who's to say no?

Incorporating toggle and lobster clasps, these are among the most classic, in traditional sense, designs of all Silpada jewelry.


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