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Silpada Gemstone Jewelry Review: Turquoise, Pearl, Jade, Agate, Howlite, other

Updated on January 15, 2015

Silpada Gemstones

Silpada gemstone jewelry incorporates an abundance of stones and other natural materials that endow the brand's pieces with color, texture, volume, and, most of all, character. Though it would be unfair to deny the all important role of the designers – who both plan and assemble the items – the stones bring in a set of qualities that eventually determine the spirit of each piece. In other words, Silpada gemstone jewelry presents a cooperation between man, woman, and nature.

The list of materials the brand employs is very long, and includes, besides stones, various tree parts, and even animal derived bones and horns – the latter being used as jewelry since the first humans.

Perhaps more importantly, these materials were harvested from the three elements: earth, water (pearls, mother-of-pearl), and air (wood seed and beads) – collectively emphasizing the company's attempt to reconcile people and their surroundings in its jewelry. Lets examine some of the most popular additions:

  • Pearls in various colors – white, bronze, silver, gray – accompany silver collections, as well as form their own, acting as a main jewelry material. Pearls stand out as carrying their own very subtle lustre.

  • Turquoise beads contribute a memorable green-bluish color that becomes dominant where hundreds of small pieces are threaded together. Turquoise combines well with silver and brown tones, and adds an important touch of festivity and sheer brightness.

  • Jade is among the rarer stones Silpada use; its deep, nocturnal classy blue color produces a calming effect on the observers. In the jewelry it can be found near chalcedony and sodalite, stones that accentuate its classy properties.

  • Agate, usually finished, imports a deep brown to black shade that essentially recreates the color of earth, or clay. In jewelry, agate appears in the form of large round beads, creating a symmetrical soothing flow. And, as a telling sign, the color of this stone is identical to that of Silpada logo.


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