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Silpada Catalog Jewelry Complete Guide-Review

Updated on February 14, 2012

Silpada Jewelry

Silpada is a household name in the world of affordable and costume jewelry. The brand's range of materials includes sterling silver, various semi-precious gemstones, and a selection of decorative goods such as leather, wood, shell, and others.

Silpada create pieces that project a distinct classy quality on the one hand, and quietly glowing warmth on the other. Brand designers carefully exploit the colors of their materials to generate a soothing yet confident sense of presence.

The company relies on the same business model of Lia Sophia and several other competitors: entrepreneur women contact the firm and receive sets of jewelry that they market to clients by hosting parties or similar events. As a result, the name Silpada gained recognition via a gradual, word to mouth process.


What distinguishes Silpada from similar brands is the extra detailed attention paid to materials and how they interact; sterling silver remains the metal of choice for many of the brand's pieces. The founders reveal on their website why and how they love itr, supporting their philosophy with the creation of different silver collections.

Silpada enhance the metal's soft, darkish glow with an assortment of gemstones, all natural, colored in a variety of warm, earthy shades: green, brown, black, milky white, orange, yellows, and occasionally a cooler blue. This unique palette broadens the range of Silpada jewelry, making it suitable for ladies with dark skin tones.


Silpada jewelry is hand crafted, and even pieces from identical collections differ slightly; natural gems, none of which are the same, also contribute to a unique appearance. More than anything, these little but important things accentuate the woman's individuality, and make wearing the jewelry a rewarding experience. But let's first discuss the main design&visual elements – those that reappear in all Silpada creations in one way or another.

  • Nature inspired. It's difficult to bridle nature – impossible, some might say – yet the company's designers courageously thread dozens, sometimes hundreds of gems, creating luscious, seductive necklaces and bracelets that beam with generosity. Here quantity and quality interlock in a mutually beneficial union.

  • Smooth flow is an essential design feature that allows the gems, the silver pieces, and their couplings to effortlessly stream and merge into harmonious jewelry. Designers carefully avoid angular, artificial shapes, almost always opting for soft flowing contours. Undoubtedly, by introducing this quality Silpada wished to reflect one of the deepest characteristics of femininity.

  • Connection emerges as natural outcome of the inviting warmth the brand encapsulates. Various pieces connect with each other, producing sets; jewelry connects with people by projecting glowing earth colors – everywhere there's a mark of linkage that communicates optimism and security.


Silpada's range of products includes necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants, charms, sets, watches, and other accessories. Additionally, because gems play such an important role in the brand's jewelry making, I would like to focus on some of the more commonly appearing stones: turquoise, pearls, howlite, tiger's eye, and jade.

  • Necklaces can be roughly divided into (1)organized and (2)more random&chaotic pieces. The former category, interestingly, includes more variety of stones – but there's less of them, and they are usually threaded in a predictable pattern. So, for instance, one such necklace would have a garnet, followed by jasper, closed by copper beads, and again the pattern recurs. The other kind string multiple differently shaped stones, mostly of one sort.

  • Bracelets, stretched, or hinged, employ either mostly silver or mostly stones – rarely in an equal combination, obviously seeking to avoid “competition” and unnecessary tension. Gem based bracelets rely on color gradations and variety, and, most employ one kind of stones, as there isn't enough space to play around with more. Silver pieces display floral and other (etched) ornament.

  • Rings, unlike bracelets, combine metal and gems effortlessly: because all the silver rests below the stone and frames it, it plays a clear supporting role. While some of the pieces exhibit exquisite filigree embellishments, others opt for basic scrollwork, resulting in calmer designs. One large stone (rhinestone, colored glass, quartz) on top is the most common configuration.

  • Earrings – hoops, French wire, or studs – constitute one of the most developed departments in Silpada jewelry. They also demonstrate among the most intricate designs the company devised, some of the pairs boasting chandelier like frames, other combining floral motifs with long arching lines.

  • Pendants offer enigmatic compositions that blend gemstones with various tree-derived materials: wood beads, coconut shell, and others. When something living merges with inanimate, a reaction occurs that's both mystical and mesmerizing. Silver and pearl based pendants go for circular or oval shaped open designs.

  • Charms form a subsection of pendants – the brand doesn't seem to actually list any as part of the selection, but some pendants appear too much like charms to be ignored. Made of silver, these are smaller pieces usually displaying an aboriginal or playful ornament – though this brand doesn't delve too deeply into play motifs (Brighton and Juicy Couture do).

  • Sets present a synthesis of two to three pieces from one line: similar materials and designs interact, and, when worn together, increase the effects of natural flow and positive communication – the hallmarks of Silpada jewelry.


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