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Silpada Gemstone and Sterling Silver Necklace Jewelry Review

Updated on January 15, 2015

Silpada Necklaces

Silpada necklaces stand out as the brand's most richly adorned jewelry. The designers take advantage of the wide diameter and the possibility to link multiple strands, and string together hundreds of gems, creating luxurious, colorful pieces. On the other hand, however, lie the alternative thinner models that include rare accents of stone, or none at all – these are usually made of sterling silver, and make up their own decoration.

The variety of materials Silpada employ is no less than extraordinary. Besides such familiar and less familiar gems as turquoise, garnet, jade, agate, chalcedony, and jasper, the company incorporate water derived pearls and corals, and tree harvested amber, wood beads, and coconut shells. It's as if the designers were determined to draw from all nature's elements, and inject their pristine beauty into the handmade jewelry.


The gem based necklaces' lush and intricate compositions seem to conspire an assault on the senses: the colors, slightly muted and glazed, lure the eye, while the visible texture of the stones tempts to touch and play with them. Sometimes the stones appear as a sort of seeds, or nuts, and may even arouse appetite!

The beads' geometrical shape acts as a theme anchor, projecting either order (usually strict round or oval parts), or joyous randomness (as in the case of nonuniform fresh water pearls).

Pieces that thread fewer beads display more restraint, though the range of beaded material (gems, silver, wood) too produces a kind of potpourri.

Sterling Silver

Silver necklaces show leaner strings, usually relying on the metal's natural lustre for visual effect. The pieces consist of links, small or extra-large, and may include a matching pendant. Some metal parts were oxidized. More rare, often mystical looking pieces, combine silver with gems by using unusually small beads: these produce rippling hypnotizing effects. Overall, Silpada silver necklaces provide a calmer jewelry alternative for the exuberant gem items.


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