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Silpada Jewelry Earrings Review: Sterling Silver, Pearls, Gems

Updated on January 15, 2015

Silpada Earrings

Silpada earrings broaden the brand's range by introducing intricate designs we won't encounter in other jewelry items (except, perhaps, pendants). Though relatively small, these pieces concentrate an astonishing variety of scrollwork and silversmith craft – all very often enhanced by various gemstones. Silpada seem to prefer the classic pierced variety, offering various kinds of attachment instead: French wire (traditionally curved), hoops, and studs.

The earrings can be roughly divided into two segments: strictly silver, or silver combined with stones (and other materials) in various ratios. The company continues to expand its material repertoire by adding foiled glass, gold plates, hematite, and brass – interestingly, leaning on various alloys and metals. Let's take a closer look.

Sterling Silver Earrings

Present among the simplest designs that nonetheless carry a distinct classy mark. Many pieces consist of a single thread that's been twisted and turned to form a familiar geometrical shape, or a rope; others essentially form a sheet of metal, hammered and cast into floral or other motifs.

Being the lightest models on offering, silver earrings work especially well in sets, complementing larger pendants, necklaces, and hands. This unique quality will be especially appreciated by ladies wishing to carefully guide the attention to their necks and hands.

Gemstones and Metals Earrings

In a sharp turn, these display complex arrangements, some of which burst with creativity. There are delicate filigree designs on the one hand – creations that resemble baroque window grills, and were sprayed with minuscule pieces of stone. On the other, there are multi-layered variations that reveal a level of openwork silver, followed a drop of several stones, arranged in a cluster, of framed; other consist of rings or plates being linked with each other.

These are just some of the latest (2009-2010 season) models – there is more jewelry to be found in earlier Silpada catalogs.


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