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Silpada Jewelry Ladies Fashion Watches Review

Updated on January 15, 2015

Silpada Watches

Silpada watches show something no jewelry the company makes shows: the logo and the brand title written on the dials. This gives the watches an advantage of expression, also declaring, and anchoring Silpada as a versatile jewelry maker that ventures into designing related accessories. Models incorporate straps and bracelets, round, rectangular, or oval (Art Deco) cases, and usually white dials that accommodate Arabic and Roman numerals.

Interestingly, Silpada use stainless steel besides sterling silver for their timepieces: since gemstones would distract from the function of time reading, designers entertain the eye with different textures and shades of gray as an alternative. Let's examine some of the latest (2009 -2010 season) pieces:


Made of brown, black, or gray leather, occasionally reveal the stitching – but avoid fancy decoration overall. In fact, the straps don't play any decorative roles, except in one case, where Silpada equipped the watch with an unusual doubled one. This strap unfolds in a criss-cross like fashion, wrapping twice around the wrist. (I have to say that I've reviewed hundreds of strap watches, and have never encountered something like this – a testimony that jewelry designers can influence watchmaking with fresh ideas.)


Stainless steel or silver, the latter, incorporating complex closing mechanisms (like fold over clasp) and openwork, being the most interesting. Unlike the straps, bracelets clearly functions as decorative elements, in some cases rivalling the watch itself for stylishness.


Display stylistic versatility within the boundaries of classic minimalism or Art Deco. Marking the hours are clear Arabic or Roman indexes, the latter reminiscent of Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso compositions. White, yellowish, cream, and beige shades color the faces, blending effortlessly with the silver and stainless steel tones.

The dials provide an indirect insight into Silpada jewelry: light and bright usually means a subtle invitation to communicate – and in the watches this hospitality emerges as a main aesthetic feature.


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