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Silpada Jewelry Rings Review: Sterling Silver, Onyx, Agate, Gems

Updated on January 15, 2015

Silpada Rings

Silpada rings stand out as jewelry “mediators,” blending sterling silver with gems in a way that imparts harmony, and shows how effortlessly metal can mix with stones. Unlike some of the earrings and necklaces, where tensions are accentuated between these materials, most rings display calm, confidence, and a little bit of mystery. The tensions are resolved, and the jewelry functions on a different level.

Brand designers exploit the perfect circle shape by effectively dividing it in two: the lower tier, that wraps around the finger, is made of silver; the gem glistens above. Rarer models rely strictly on silver and other alloys, usually gold plated. Let's examine some of the latest (2009-2010 season) pieces.

Gemstone Rings

Are probably among Silpada's most traditionally designed products. Perhaps, considering the above said, this characteristic is not so surprising: traditional styling often emphasizes harmony – and rings were being made for thousands of years, and with the most basic of tools.

Yet, while the gemstone on top of the piece consist of one large stone (geometrically regular, often soft edged) that might not require complicated handling, the silver base is very different. Here intricate filigree and scrollwork intertwine and literally seem to boil under the lid of the gem. Together, they reach a warm, comfortable temperature.

Silver Rings

Include cuff rings, and present a monolithic look that, like the matching earrings, will work often best with sets – there they can guide the attention towards the larger necklaces and bracelets. More playful models opt for a “one-size-fits-all” styling that leaves the ring open, and add on various metallic crowns (shoes, crosses), or miniature charms (hearts). Though the precepts of natural flow and connection continue to inform Silpada designs here the brand crosses paths with play jewelry – not staying, however, for too long.


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