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Silpada Pendants Gemstone&Sterling Silver Jewelry Review

Updated on January 15, 2015

Silpada Pendants

Silpada pendants comprise a segment of jewelry that can be purchased either separately or attached to a necklace – a versatility of use that bespeaks that of design. Despite inevitably being linked with another piece, pendants lie among the brand's most characteristic and enigmatic items; the compositions created by the scrollwork, the openwork, and their combination with gemstones project a deeper than usual sense of meaning (and purpose). When worn, pendants are the closest to the heart – and they seem to be aware of that privilege.

Similar to the majority of Silpada jewelry, pendants can be categorized as either strictly silver made, or as blending silver with gemstones. While some of the creations echo earrings in larger reincarnations, others appear to borrow from painting, of all crafts, adopting its principles in a particular, original fashion.

Sterling Silver

Pendants display softly described silhouettes – rectangle, oval, circle – that encompass a variety of metal configurations. In one case it can be a serpentine openwork, seemingly random (and reminiscent of a complex tree root system) – but in fact triggering an unmistakable hypnotic effect; in another it's a scroll ornament, often asymmetrical, that brings to mind Rococo window grills.

Additional models employ traditional religious and geometrical themes – crosses (also adorned with an ornament), and moon like circles.

Gemstone and Silver

Pendants embody the traits of mystery and gem vs. metal tension to the fullest extent. Many of these pieces rely on familiar painting principles: a rectangular frame, and within it a figurative still life – a leaf, a fruit, or any other immediately recognizable object. The backdrop is made of a stone inlay, on which the silver ornament spreads, creating a stained glass appearance. Given enough space, the interaction between the two materials can be mesmerizing.

Due to their delicate compositions, some of these Silpada pieces flourish best when hanging from unassuming leather strings, unchallenged by other jewelry.


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