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Silpada Set Jewelry Review: Sterling Silver, Gemstones, Other Materials

Updated on October 4, 2009

Silpada Sets

Silpada sets epitomize the brand's features by combining several pieces of jewelry into thematically unified collections. Three items of various sizes usually constitute a set: a necklace, a pair of earrings, and a bracelet (or a ring). Materials and ornaments employed in the collection usually constitute the common theme – it can be the use of a particular kind of gem, or of scrollwork motif.

In line with the separate jewelry, sets can be categorized as gem dominated or sterling silver dominated. The former incorporate lots of stones, in symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangements; the latter rely mostly on etching and scrollwork, often abandoning gems in favor of the warm silver shine, or opting for lightly toned pearls. Let's examine some of the latest (2009-2010 season) sets.


Gem sets give the stones real expression space – especially collections that string together a seemingly unlimited amount of beads. The particular rich combinations act not only as as jewelry, but also as areas of color on the wearer's body, effectively interacting with the skin and the clothing. In order to vary the visual texture, the designers sometimes double or triple the circular necklaces and bracelets, changing the size of the beads in each part.

Silpada use the sets to introduce the following materials: turquoise, amethyst, jade, tiger's eye, agate, hematite, chalcedony, and others.

Sterling Silver

Silver pieces lack the volume of gems, compensating for it with diameter and intricate ornamental embellishment. Still, the usually thinner and more delicate appearance recurring in a necklace, and then in other pieces, will produce an anticipated effect of finesse and restraint – no colors, soft, lingering glow instead.

Adornment usually consists of botanical and floral scrolls, sometimes joined by various religious insignia. Among the most creative Silpada sets are those that add such metals as copper or bronze, creating an ore jewelry ensemble.


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      Bfw255 3 years ago

      Interesting; does provide insight into designs. Enjoyed all very much.