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Silpada Sterling Silver Charms Jewelry Review

Updated on January 15, 2015

Silpada Charms

Silpada charms provide an important playful alternative to the general classy trend of the brand's jewelry. Few are sold separately, the majority being attached to the necklaces and the pendants – injecting those with vivacious fun. Silpada charms' main function lies in accentuating the connection human factor; not surprisingly, one particular line of creations consists of three tiles, with a man, a woman, and a heart etched on them.

In terms of design, the main difference from the rest lies in the unabashedly random appearance. It's as if the designers intentionally shut their eyes while making these pieces, intent on relying on chance. The result is a joyous mess – a truly inspirational design for the right personality type. Let's take a closer look at some the latest (2009 -2010 season) additions.

Gemstones and Pearls

Comprise pieces of stone and other materials – pearls, corals, amethysts, and others – dangling from a silver link chain attached to a necklace. In most cases the necklace is made of a single line of dark leather – a design approach that guarantees that the attention will be directed towards the charms themselves.

Asymmetry plays an important role, adding even more visual variety. While the central motif can always be clearly identified, it's flanked by chaotic clusters of pieces that create a delightful sense of confusion.

Silver Charms

Combine well with gemstone necklaces (the rich models where hundreds of turquoise, garnets, and other stone are closely threaded), offsetting the color of the gems with soft silver lustre. Classic shapes such as hearts and crosses received an appropriate playful treatment in the form of childlike, fairy-tale inspired scrolls and ornaments. Botanical and floral themes, more or less obvious, conclude the list of ornamentation motifs.

Finally, Silpada continue to employ traditionally used geometrical forms, including stars and circles (some of which resemble antique coins), in this jewelry repertoire.


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    • charmstotreasure profile image

      charmstotreasure 7 years ago

      ALways have loved charms and charm bracelets, since getting my first charm. Nice hub!

    • profile image

      RE Jewelry 7 years ago

      I have some Silpada Jewelry, it is a very durable brand!!