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Silver shoes

Updated on August 16, 2012

Another thing you need to prepare for when you are preparing for an evening party is not just a great dress but the right pair of shoes to go with it. You may have already selected the dress you are planning to wear but it comes in a unique color without a matching pair of shoes in your wardrobe. Or else it would be difficult to find a matching one in the shoe stores. Your best bet would be to find something that may not necessarily be the exact color but one that would still match it and provide a great look altogether. Or else, silver shoes are the way to go. Silver shoes look good in the evening and would look good with a variety of dresses. Whatever you wear paired with silver shoes would look stunning.

Silver shoes draw attention to your feet. The color is catchy, the glitter is exciting and there is something about them that demand the viewers’ attention. Silver shoes will never make you look underdressed. If you want to shine out, these are the ultimate eye-catcher. The silver treats are available in various styles, not just heels. There are sandals, wedge heels, pumps, stilettos, ballet flats and more. You will never run out choices, whatever your preference may be.

Dressy silver sandals provide a different look for those exciting nights. Choose a pair that is comfortable and versatile for different occasions. Because no matter how comfy it may be, it will always look dressy regardless of what outfit you pair it with.

Wearing a pair of versatile pumps can take you from the boardroom to the bar room. If you are planning to go out after office and do not have time to go home and change, wear an eye-grabbing silver pair of pumps with your corporate suit during the day. After office, simply remove that formal jacket to reveal your sexy top. With that glittering pair of shoes, you are all set to paint the town red.

Heels provide extra inches of height but sometimes they are not that comfortable to wear especially for long periods of time. Compromise with wedge heels which provide extra support to the soles. Silver wedge heels are fun but comfortable and will make a good addition to your wardrobe.

Mules are easy to slip in and out of but it is a pretty pair of shoes too. They look elegant and classy and yet they are comfortable and can be used for different occasions. Some mules are designed with low heels that can be very comfortable for walking while others are designed with high heels or stiletto heels that lengthen your legs. Silver mules will look great paired with jeans or the best cocktail dress.

Silver stilettos are the way to go as they are bold and sexy. They can be used to add that extra elegance to jeans, pair it with those sexy tights or skirt and even wear them with a summer dress. There is no stopping you from whatever you want to pair your silver stilettos with.

Flat silver shoes, whether flat sandals or ballet flats are what you should wear when you need to do a lot of walking. They are comfortable but elegant looking and dressy. You can use them to match different outfits, whether it be jeans or long skirts.

Silver shoes are here to stay, whatever the season is. So make this a part of your wardrobe and you will never look less dressed for whatever occasion you may be going to.


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