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Simple Exfoliating Facial Wipes Review

Updated on September 14, 2015

Sick On Mondays

Good morning, all my fellow beauty lovers! Anybody do any beauty supply shopping? Get anything good? I did not! I have been kinda under the weather, ugh. I think I may be getting a chest cold. This always happens win fall comes. Boy, is fall here in Georgia! It hit under 70 degrees and everywhere I went, the ladies had on leggings and boots oh, and don't forgot the pumpkin spice latta. It should be back into the 80s this week so, booty shorts and flip flops are right around the corner. Got to love that Georgia weather, Did anyone call out of work because, it's Monday? Haha, yeah sure your sick! I do have a confession, I ordered pizza last night for dinner. Yes, I am suppose to be on a diet but, I was so hungry and didn't want to cook. Weighed myself this morning, gained almost 2 pounds. What??? It's ok, it was a cheat meal. Back on the diet wagon today. Thanks for letting me confide in you!

Do Not Forgot

If you haven't heard, I am doing a blog giveaway! This is my first time. Haha, that sounds wrong but, it really is! I am excited and nervous. I want people to enter, that love make up products like I do. It's kinda like throwing a party and no one comes other then, your mom. Yes, love you mom but, where is everyone? Maybe they lost their invitation? Please check out my pervious blog, Beauty Blog Giveaway. There is a poll please, take it and help me decide what to giveaway, I am just giving away a prize to one winner but, if this goes well, I will be doing another giveaway, in the future. Thank you so much, in advance for helping me on this one. Much love to you all!

My Review

It is Monday so, I thought I'd bring to you a bargain item. Maybe it'll be worth it and cheer you up, out of your Monday funk! I do love an amazing product for less. But, who doesn't? I decided to try this product because, it had the word exfoliate in it. I get clogged pores a lot, just from working outside and sweating. So, I am always having to exfoliate. That sounded a little gross, sorry just want to be honest. On the packages it does say 2 in 1 which is, cleansing and exfoliating. I also, love the wipe idea. Sometimes, I am just to tired and don't feel like taking the time to wash all my make up off. Sometimes I am lazy! These come in a small green packages almost like, diaper wipes. It has the sticky tap, to make it easy to seal back up. This is something that you could throw in your purse for after, the gym work out. These do come in a package with 25 wipes. Not bad at all and will last me. I paid a little less then eight dollars for this. Love the price! But, how is the product? I tried them one night and I did have full make up on. I started lightly wiping my face and the make up came off with ease. They did feel a little dry so, I added a little cool water to the wipe. I didn't have to scrub or use any force to get the make up off. My face was not blotchy or irritated after, using these either. I do have a little bit, of sensitive skin. It only took me, one wipe to clean my whole face. I figured it would take two to three wipes. I feel like my complexion is actually a little clearer after, using these a few times. I absolute love this product!

Comments And Questions

I do want to add, that I am in no way, paid by any cosmetic company to write reviews. I love trying new products and even telling about old favorites. If you have questions about todays product or even want a review about a different product, please feel free to ask! ~LillyRose


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