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Simple Naturals Ways to Cure Acne

Updated on April 5, 2015

What Causes Acne?

According to dermatologists, acne is caused by a rise in the androgen hormone levels in the body which triggers excess production of sebum. The acne pimples occur when the hair follicles (skin pores) get blocked and the skin cannot release sebum to the surface. The root cause of androgen rise is diet. Sometimes greasy food triggers the skin to produce more oil leading to blockage of the skin pores. Dairy products such as cow milk and others such as coconut oil contain more oil which may lead to skin pores blockage.

According to American Academy of Dermatology, diet is to blame for acne breakouts. Some types of food are high in androgen and will trigger massive production of sebum (oil) that remains beneath the skin causing acne. Common types of food causing acne include dairy, sugar, soy, coconut oil, coffee and peanuts. Dairy and coffee contribute to high levels of androgen in the body while coconut oil and peanuts make the body oily. You may have seen people with white pustules around their noses which is a result of too much oily food. Sugar is a pro-inflammatory product while soybeans contain lots of estrogen hormone.

You are advised to remove all make up before going to bed. This is because makeup may clog the skin pores leading to acne. Note that the skin regenerates at night and thus sleeping on your makeup is unhealthy.

African Black Soap in Acne Remedy at Home

The all natural and little known African black soap is a proven method of curing acne naturally. Initially made as a bar soap, the African black soap now comes as powder, washing gel and even in liquid form. It is made from natural ingredients. Oats in the soap sooth the skin after the irritation caused by the pimples while still absorbing excess oil from the skin. There is aloe to moisturize the skin which also comes handy for sensitive skin. Vitamin E is an antioxidant. It protects the skin from damage. Other natural ingredients helpful to the skin include shea butter, plantain extract, palm ash, African soap base, iron oxides and vegetable glycerine among others. Each of the ingredients function either to absorb oil, protect the skin from damage, sooth skin or reduce androgen. The soap has gained popularity and is now used by millions of people including those without acne. Though the highest number of people use it for facial wash, the soap can be used for the whole body to achieve even better results.

Caring for the Skin when you have Acne

If you already have acne, use African black soap to wash the face (which is affected by acne more). Wipe the face using paper towels since the face is sensitive and also to avoid the spread of acne. Avoid wearing a lot of make-up on your face as this leads to skin pore clogging and while sleeping remove all the make up. This lets the skin breath and stay fresh. The skin will also regenerate with easy and you will have a smooth skin. You can try mineral powders instead which revitalize the skin.

Though some people believe that bursting pimples will help, it only makes the situation worse by spreading acne. If you have to burst a pimple, ask your doctor to do it.

Better still, you can use Pure Organic cold pressed Jojoba oil to moisturize your skin and stay void of make up that may lead to acne. Jojoba is more of an anti-aging moisturizer that restores wax-esters as in youthful days making the skin lively and wrinkle free. It is made from pure jojoba seeds and without any chemicals that can harm the skin. Besides, Jojoba oil contains omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins. It can be used to moisturize the lips, face and hands.

How To Prevent Acne

As seen above, acne is not a serious condition and can be easily maintained at home. Simple daily practices will keep your skin free of acne for as long as you want. First off, you need to eat less of acne triggering foods mentioned above. Every person is different and the limit of the acne triggering diet is different. Whereas one may drink a few glasses of cow milk and get acne, another has been drinking all their life and has never had acne. Identify the food that triggers acne more and if possible avoid it completely. You can substitute cow milk with rice milk, almond milk and coconut milk among others.

Avoid processed food and instead go for natural vegetables, proteins and starches. Pick gluten-free grains for your diet and healthy fats like sunflower seed oil.

Taking care of your skin daily comes handy if you want to beat acne. Though there are a number of medication you will find being advertised online, taking care of the skin daily is a proven method of curing acne naturally and preventing it. This involves washing the face at least twice a day using natural soap and applying natural moisturizing oil too. You never know which acne triggering factor affects you and thus the need to take care of all aspects of your skin. If you strictly observe the skin care tips given above, you will live an acne free life.

Avoid touching the skin when your hands are dirty and since the hair collect sebum, do not let it come into contact with your face. Avoid direct sunlight as it triggers sebum production and refrain from wearing tight clothes as the skin needs to breath.

Love and be Kind to yourself

Stress has a negative relation with your skin beauty. Stress is also known to trigger release of hormones that affects the skin healing process. When you are happy, your skin will be relaxed and will heal fast. Invest in your skin, both time and money, if you want a smooth looking and acne free face.


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