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Simple Tips To Improve Your Fashion Style

Updated on March 8, 2016

More and more men these days are becoming preoccupied with thoughts of improving their fashion style. Looking good with a great sense of fashion is important in every aspect of life, including both professional and social.

It is not a secret that a well-dressed man can turn heads. Therefore, it is important that you always look your best. This means that you need to learn all there is to know about men's fashion and really improve your style.

Bertigo Spring Summer 2016

Pay attention to all the trends

Good fashion sense is about developing a style that is ever-evolving. You need to stay abreast of the newest trends - what’s hot and what’s not. Keep in mind, however, that men’s fashion is about looking good and knowing what to wear to stay modern.

Trends are constantly changing from one season to the next. For some, keeping up can be quite a challenge. One place to look for the hottest fashion trends is in pop culture. Browse a magazine or website to find out what your favorite Hollywood actors and Billboard stars are wearing. Pay special attention to their award show style and their on-the-street attire.

Bright colors like those in the Au Noir Shirt - Versus Black Multi or the limited edition Brando are incredibly popular for the upcoming spring season. If you are looking for something a little more subtle, the Blake Silver or Delgado Sax from Au Noir adds a wonderful splash of color to even the most sophisticated ensemble.

Fit to flatter

Regardless of your personal body shape, you should wear clothes that fit that shape. The key is to dress as though the clothes you wear were designed especially for you. By simply choosing clothes that are the right fit, you can drastically improve your style.

Although many men are not comfortable with trying on clothes, it is vital to make a stop in the fitting rooms before heading to the checkout counter. When you try something on, if you have to question whether it is too small or too large, it probably is not the right fit.

Make a note of the shoulder seams of jackets and shirts. This seam should sit right where your upper arm meets your shoulder blade. Keep in mind that this can vary according to design and manufacturer. So, you have to make the final decision on what fits your body shape.

Choose pants that fit just above the hip bone and rest on the waistline without touching your naval. To make sure that they are not too loose or too tight, you should be able to fit two fingers in the waistline easily. For the right length, you want pants that cover the top of your shoe when standing.

Start with the basics, such as a couple of nice shirts, a great pair of jeans and an Au Noir blazer. Make sure that the pieces you choose are all complementary of one another to avoid looking like you just grabbed a few things from the closet and put them on walking out the door.


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