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Simple Tips To Make Perfume Fragrance Last Longer

Updated on May 1, 2017

Hey everyone, here i bring some simple hacks by using them you can retain the smell of perfume for longer duration. Everyone loves perfume, like me everyone wants to retain its smell for longer duration. We are going to a party, and in this season when heat is at its peak, the smell of perfume would not last longer if you don't use the right way of applying it.

So. if you are planning to buy a new perfume, deo or scent, you should following things in mind:-

  • If you like super light, fresh fragrance then in hot summers you can try lemon or lime, grape fruit or mandarin type fragrance, which will give you fresh feel and feeling of refreshment will make you energetic.
  • Floral smell is also an option in hot climate.

Perfume with lemon or lime fragrance
Perfume with lemon or lime fragrance
Perfume with floral smell
Perfume with floral smell
  • If you like strong smell, then you can find many options available in the market which are according to your needs and are suitable for summers.
  • So, for strong smell, you can prefer coconut, pineapple fragrance which is suitable in summers and the smell of these perfumes retains for longer duration and is suitable for use in day and night both.

Perfume with coconut fragrance
Perfume with coconut fragrance
Perfume with pineapple fragrance
Perfume with pineapple fragrance
  • In summer season, as we go out, perfume comes in contact with heat due to which alcohol evaporates soon. This is the main reason perfume's fragrance fades easily. So. if we buy water based perfumes instead of alcohol based as they last longer. Keep in mind that perfume should be applied 2-3 times a day. But don't apply too much because its not good for skin and you may get respiratory problems.

Water based perfumes
Water based perfumes
  • If you want perfume fragrance to last longer, then you can use layering products like soap, body lotion, moisturizer etc. but the main thing you should keep in mind is that smell of these layering products should not be strong otherwise smell of perfume would get lost.

  • If you want your perfumes fragrance to last longer (why not), don't place them in washroom or other damp, warm places as heat and humidity lessen the quality of the fragrance. So, store them in cool, dark and dry places away from direct light.

  • As i told you above that apply soap, moisturizer before using perfume or in place of these layering products you can use vaseline. Rub the vaseline on your pulse points before spraying the perfume. The ointment will hold the fragrance for longer time.

  • Spray the perfume right after taking shower and before being dressed up. As soon you take shower, then apply perfume the moisture will help to lock the fragrance. And there would be no fear of getting stained by perfume sprinkle on delicate cloths and jewelry.
  • Try to choose hot areas of the body because perfume scent is stimulated by warm skin. The areas like neck, upper fold of the elbow, the back of the knee or behind the ear, wrist area as these areas where the veins are closest to the skin's surface. The freshly washed hair will carry the fragrance upto a week (isn't wow).
  • Since these perfumes are highly volatile they tend to rise in the air, therefore, best way is spraying perfume around the waist.

Perfume sprayed on hot areas of the body

  • Keep the nozzle of the perfume at least six inches from the body.
  • For lighter scent, spray it in air and slowly walk in that mist, so that it is evenly distributed on the whole body. It is applicable for the occasion where you don't want to smell stronger.

  • If you are trying a new perfume and u sprayed it but you don't like the smell, no need to worry out, use make up wipe to get rid of the scent.
  • Perfumes help in better quality sleep, for this spray the light scented perfume on your pillow before heading to sleep.

So, keeping in mind these simple hacks you can retain the fragrance of perfume. Try these tips and share your experiences.

Keep enjoying


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