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Simple steps to get your Arabian deep smokey eyes

Updated on October 23, 2015

Arabian Beauty

As complicated as smokey eyes seems it's really simple to do if you try it at home.

Types of smokey eyes

You can choose the color of eye shadow depending on whether you are applying it day or at night. Also you can use other colors instead of black eye shadow, there is that golden smokey eyes which you use three colors of eye shadow ( nude shimmering eye shadow, bronze and brown pencil eye liner).

You can also use colors such as pink or green smokey eyes. It depends on your skin tone and of course how sophisticated and dramatic look you desire.

Things you need

1- Black pencil eyeliner.

2-Black eye shadow.

3-White or nude shimmering eye shadow.

4-Eye shadow primer or concealer.

5-Clean eye shadow brush, blending brush and fluffy brush.

6-Eye lash curler.

7-Black mascara.

Simple steps to create a remarkable smokey look

  1. Clean your eye lids from any trace of make up before you start.
  2. Apply eye shadow primer to the whole eyelid to keep the eye shadow for longer time and to keep the eye lid oil free. Some use concealer.
  3. Using the eye shadow brush apply light color,(either white or shimmering nude color) from the lash line to the eye brows. This step is to highlight your look.
  4. Draw a line across your upper lash line using the black pencil eye liner from the inner part and make it thicker as you move out.
  5. Using the blending brush to smudge the black line you've already made by moving the bush towards the upper lid which will give the smokey look.
  6. Apply the black eye shadow or (any other color you choose) on the eyelid to the crease.Smudge the black eye shadow with the light eye shadow. Keep on blending till you get the smokey effect
  7. Apply black eye liner on your bottom waterline then with a thin brush smudge slightly under your lashes.
  8. To complete the dramatic look use the eyelash curler and apply black mascara. You can apply more than one coat of mascara to get the thick lash look.

Golden and copper smokey eyes

Daytime smokey eyes look

Instead of using black eye shadow you can use pink ro purple or any other color you like and yet you'll also have the perfect look.

Arabic smokey eyes

Dark brown smokey eyes

Dark smokey eyes

This is a gorgeous look for a bride if you want to have a breath taking look with your white wedding dress.

Day time looks

When going out during the day yet you still want to apply smokey eyes you can use light colors such as pink, purple, green, blue or any other color you desire.

You'll still have that seductive look.

Purple dreamy look

Smokey blue eyes

pink smokey eyes

Smokey eyes is Celebrities best friend

Here are some celebrities photos to inspire you with the smokey look you are looking for.

Eva longoria

Eva Longoria. (desperate housewives series actress)

Kim Kardasian

Kim's daily looks.

The adorable Selena Gomez.

You can intense the black eye shadow for more dramatic cat look.


Jenifer Lopez

Green olive smokey eyes with shimmering look.

Beren Saat

Hazal Kaya

Nebahat Çehre

Nebahat Çehre

She was Miss Turkey in the 60s and now she is a famous world wide actress

Nor Aysan

Keira Knightley


Scarlett Johansson

Angeline Jolie

Tuba Büyüküstün


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    • Noha Mannaa profile image

      Noha Mannaa 2 years ago

      i like smokey eyes

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      tala 2 years ago

      I will try this on my next date :)